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  1. Whan

    M14 Picture Thread

    More Mk14 Mod. 1 Goodness
  2. Whan

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    That's a sweet setup. What brand is it? Anyone know if there exist ACM/Dboys made metal 416's with tradeS?
  3. Whan

    M14 Picture Thread

    Joined the M14 brotherhood G&P Mk14 Mod 1
  4. Whan

    M14 Picture Thread

    Either real or replica Insight ISM-V Edit: It looks really good on that m14
  5. Whan

    What music are you currently listening to?

    All American Rejects: Gives you hell
  6. Whan

    Glock Picture Thread

    Holy hell! That is Awesome! Your photography can make anything look great!
  7. Whan

    1911 Picture Thread

    Newest addition: Socom Gear/WE Wilson 1911
  8. Whan

    1911 Picture Thread

    Sweet! Could you do a minireview/impressions for us?
  9. Whan

    1911 Picture Thread

    Well done! I thought it was real, though the RS is a bit less shiny.
  10. Whan

    1911 Picture Thread

  11. Whan

    1911 Picture Thread

    Perfect 1911. New, tacticalness without being too flashy and classic looking Can we get a head on side view (perpendicular to sides of gun)
  12. Whan

    1911 Picture Thread

    :/ I more meant the controls rather than the grips, though I personally prefer wood on a silver gun. It's just that, to me, a silver 1911 is less combat-y, and would look better imo with wood.
  13. Whan

    1911 Picture Thread

    Hm... Personally, I don't really like black furniture on a silver 1911. I think it'd either have to be matte silver or chrome. Also, maybe those low profile magwells?
  14. Whan

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Weapon and helmet definitely need to change/go. If you want an m4, buy a mk18 ris, keep the ACOG, crane stock, VFG, and PEQ. (IMO)
  15. Whan

    VFC KAC PDW Review

    Lol, alright, if I get into Stanford or USC, I'll let you know.

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