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  1. The bullet drop compensator on the ACOG is really really awesome, at Quantico we shot the unknown distance course, from 50 yards out to 600 yards and everyone (including myself) was dinging the targets fast and accurate using the bullet drop compensator.
  2. The ACOG eye relief does take some getting use to, i had mine mounted as far back as possible on the top rail and it worked perfectly. A really great sight. Thats why i said many ranges aren't over 100 yards, i didnt say there wasn't any here. And no in most situations on the home front for home defense, as a civilian who is protecting your house you will not shoot more than 50 yards. Not unless you live on something like 10+ acres of land . As a contractor or military yes you will often shoot more than 50 yards, which is why the ACOG is a phenomenal sight.
  3. than again im sure the airsoft aimpoints wont hold a bzo
  4. Yeah the ACOG is awesome, even the standard mount works well. I mean i would totally get one for my real AR-15 but in most real world situations at home you're not shooting over 50 yards and most ranges dont go over 100 yards so its pretty pointless for myself. I might want to get an Aimpoint to replace my EOtech 552, but i'm not sure.
  5. Coming from Iraq our SAW gunners had EOtech 552s on their weapons (dont ask why there was eotechs on them) but my guys never had a problem with them dying after short periods of use. I dont know what you mean by unreliable but shooting 200 rounds in less than a minute out of the barrel with the optics to yield no issues with them at all on all of ours, i dont know maybe this is a rare case, but my real world experience with them is that they are rock solid. Now i will say the ACOG is a superior optic, and the price tags state that, they are phenomenal sights that are built like a tank.
  6. Blah, sorry PR guy, either way he is in the know.
  7. Magpuls supplies are running low on everything from pistol grips, to real p-mags, to stocks. Mr. Drake the owner of Magpul said "soon" but i dont forsee them coming out this year considering that weapon sales are up at record numbers and magpul is swamped.
  8. You are correct. I was surprised when we were issued MK12s
  9. Shot of myself as DM in Iraq with MK12, dont let anyone fool you, the MTV is an awful vest.
  10. I know this is a real steel picture, but this is myself in Iraq, hey theres MARPAT in it!
  11. An Oldie but a goodie...i dunno i might want to sell this one And what it looks like right now
  12. Duracoat Magpul flat dark eart
  13. Old pic of my SPR and M4
  14. I might have to sell my CA SPR i built (with a jacked up hop up) because i'm about to build a real AR and i need funds
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