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  1. nice. I Have seen pics of the gearbox, which is actually pretty long. the gearbox really does start within the stock. Search for pics of the AA there is a transparent aa12 that clearly shows the gearbox. here
  2. I will let you know, But right now I am working on a couple a handguards and mag releases. I still have a couple HK airsoft guns, but most pistols and AEG's are gone. I do have a TM MP7A1, HK45 and USPc though.
  3. I know all of that, my model is an A+ version (different bucking). don't remember where I got it from. But maybe some one here might know a place where you can have a better than original part. otherwise I might just make it myself (wouldn't be the first time).
  4. anyone else have had this problem? basically n° 29 (the ring that adjust the bucking) broke on me. One side of the ring snapped off. anyone know where I can find a replacement, or possibly a better part? Thanks
  5. You could contact WE, they will spare parts. A mate of mine contacted them for a spare outer barrel for a G17. no worries about potential fitting issues.
  6. Actually I speak all 3 official languages. @Darklite: of course the Anti-reverse, that is why. But I always keep those in.
  7. First of that is a very nice review you made. My hat off to you sir! But regarding the need of a HT motor for an ASCU, is there any basis for it? In essence a HT motor is meant to deliver the power needed to pull heavy springs, combined with the proper gear ratio. Or is that the ASCU let's power through too easy, and thus relying on the heavy magnets to stop faster? I have seen quite a few people in the past who had blown lipo batteries because the ASCU kept on using quite some battery power even when not engaged. Even one case where the motor, which was a Guarder hispeed, sometime
  8. I believe it has been since the dawn of WWII, that Europe has witnessed political cowardliness of such an epic scale. "I got my country back", erm no you didn't or rather did you ever loose it, given all the exceptional favours? You "won" a referendum, to get the UK out of the EU. UK is still not out, not by a long shot. Displaying such a weak pull-out game is going to make you even weaker when actual negotiations are starting, if they start at all... . But I do agree that the EU has become too slow and not taking care of the priorities of its citizens-> too many countries! b
  9. I just gotten mine. It shoots pretty snappy with good range dispite it's size. Definitely going to install a Detonator slide and see if it needs any changes with the springs. I did the same with my HK45, which is a great all rounder. Detonator is not cheap but very strong and light.
  10. It is pretty decent yes. But they don't make anything. It's just rebrand, like swissarms (cyberfail), WE (their optics), milspex, etc... . For the Europeans, the store is really good, go check it out.
  11. I know I have been doing internet purchases for about a decade now. so that's easily 300+ orders. It also helps to have a professional career that is mainly about purchasing & sourcing. They refunded me de missing discount yesterday already. So this case was handled very professionally.
  12. And I already received confirmation from Ehobbyasia. Turns out 1 article was not given discount. They will refund the excess payment. So yes, very good CS if you ask me.
  13. just placed an order for 5.11 because of 5.11 days you get 20% off. ordered for 339.99usd naturally the discount should be 67,99usd. There are no off-sale items on my list so I am not combining different offers. discount received? 45,99usd. Someone made a mistake there. It happens I guess. I let them know in my order (the additional info block) I will await their feed back and publish my experience with their customer service here.
  14. Guess CQB has a more "spacious" meaning in other places. Either that or some just have a masochistic nature.
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