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  1. I've skimmed through the topic and it seems that ultimately, this MP7 will fail on it's plastic receiver. We can mod and upgrade the weapon but if it's receiver cracks, then it's all been for nothing. I. Had started reading the topic thinking that I might get this New Wave MP7 because it's loud and has big Kick back. I wonder if current/ new batches may have improved receivers?
  2. Has anyone come across the cycling issue? It would be interesting to understand why and how to fix it.
  3. Very excellent video on mag maintenance. Thank you :-)
  4. It is scope friendly- with real steel scopes as for all GBB airsoft weapons. It's unrealistic to expect a cheap chinese toy copy of a scope to take any kind of GBB recoil. This is why all my optics on my GBB weapons are real steel. Never a problem.
  5. The NPAS does not regulate gas coming out of your mag- only the force of the hammer striking the gas flow valve and the valve design (i.e. the vanes) on the mag does that. The NPAS just (effectively) regulates how much gas that has already left your mag is used for propelling the BB. The NPAS does not affect gas consumption in any way whatsoever. When I used to have propane mags, I got 60 rounds. I now exclusively use CO2 and I get 60 rounds. There must be something wrong with your Mag. When I filled my propane mags, I used keep them empty refridgerated down to 4C. The propane Cylinder
  6. Airsoft manufacturers always cut corners when it comes to end-user testing before release to the market. It's irritating to say the least. This is 100% we end-users find the sort of issues revealed in the excellent review above by Nathaniel. When will the manufactuers learn? Being so darn tight does not pay! A huge thank you to Nathaniel.
  7. It never ceases to amaze me how businesses can conceive a product an take it to production without fully testing it! I think it is down to the near or complete absence of 'end-user' testing. In the software world it's called beta testing. I think airsoft manufacturers need to stop being so greedy and mean and just simply write off say a sample of 100 units by giving them away to 100 selected airsofters (i.e. genuine end-users) to test. The cost of the 100 units will be more than offset by the increased sales of a product that has fewer issues. I can only thank those in our airsoft comm
  8. Why are gearboxes needing replacement? My PTS seems to be OK - there again I only go on Milsim events with real-caps and so only go through a few rounds.
  9. That's great testing. The range is awesome. Makes me think that the Wii Hop-Up chamber and the new adjuster kit well worth it. I still have not ahd an opportunity to test but will do so and zero my Masada. Thanks Orlando. great and very useful testing.
  10. I put a few rounds through today and seems that heavier BBs work best. I tried with 0.2 and 0.25. I'm taking Orlando's word for it that this new hop nub combined with Wii tech Hop chamber is a worthwhile upgrade. Need more testing.
  11. Thanks for that. I did get as far as disassembling the chamber and putting the nub through the chamber. I previously installed the Wii tech Hop-up Chamber. I simply thought that with the dumb-bell shaped nub not being secured I was getting it all wrong. Turns out it is right after all. That's a problem when (or if) I want to swap out a barrel- the little brass nub easily rolls out of position or falls out. A right royal pain especially if I do a field barrel change. I also had difficulty putting the barrel back on- fighting a little metal dumb-bell. Perhaps I'll be happier if I se
  12. OK. I give up Where can i find a guide to install the Wii Hop-up adjuster kit? I got it in the post today and searched google but cannot find a guide. I'm not airsoft mechanic and have not been able to work it out myself. Any help/ link would be very much appreciated
  13. Orlando, what FPS are you you getting with the 0.28 bbs?
  14. I appreciate what you say but that is not the point. It is still a public place and looks very bad seeing someone firing an airsoft weapon out across a public place. It only takes an over lubricated hop to cause a bb to arc down and hit someone. It's very bad and the very least you should do is not publicise it.
  15. Oriando. Your videos showing you firing out of a window into a public place is reckless and irresponsible. It conveys a very bad image of the sport. The last thing the sport needs is your videos spreading around giving the impression that airsofters are gun totting weirdoes firing weapons into public places. Seriously mate, find a better place like a skirmish field.
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