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  1. There seems to be a new trend in selling where people list the retail value of parts they've included in the gun they're selling... Guess what? NO ONE CARES. I'm not paying you $90000 for your lightly upgraded CYMA

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    2. paranoiddroid


      its nicce to know whats in it but scan you trust people not to whip out those parts?

    3. Tariel


      Uh it does matter, since you need to know what your paying for in a gun. It would also reflect the value. You get what you pay for, albeit for less, it serves a purpose.

    4. spence52490


      I understand that reasoning, but it seems most people are using that as an excuse to Jack up the price of a gun. For the price some people are charging I can just buy a new gun without the unnecessary upgrades.

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