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  1. paranoiddroid

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Complaint letters are pointless the NHS just lies and covers their *albartroth*. The main goal of the NHS is protect the NHS. I have had a recomendation Il dig it out and pass it on.
  2. paranoiddroid

    Classing Army DT-4 (Or Double M4)

    So a double m4 a double 1911 and a double shotgun for the must pisstakey three gun ever?
  3. paranoiddroid

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    I have dip and custom leather Gucci holster for it, on that note if anyone wants a recomendation for leather gear pm me. Also... Does anyone have a hwasan shotgun OR a picture of the parts? Trying to get them modelled to get better versions made plus hopefully make a an actual longer barrel stocked one someday
  4. paranoiddroid

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Hedge, working on it, you got any recommendations?
  5. paranoiddroid

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Christ.... That sucks man
  6. paranoiddroid

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Erm Hi -waves- just had a *suitcase* time of things so sort of withdrew from online stuff linked to hobbies coz... Just got angry looking at stuff that i can't physically do now when its not my fault. But ok... My shitlist is being expected to be a good little spastic and accept a massive physical decline and at the same time accept il be in agony because they want to drop the only meds that make any sort of dent in the pain because basically 'opiates are BAAAAD' the only other alternative the PCT categorically will not support a funding application for and have barred pain management docs from writing the recommendation so the home.office won't approve it and the other alternative is for the none legal market where i can't be sure of the strain have got to deal with either Asian dealers selling *suitcase* haze that's sold wet undercured and expensive. A quote 'nah mate I don't do 1/8ths you have to get it in 2.2g 20bags no one sells 1/8ths' it i deal with the guys who sell to support their own use who are massively unreliable and frankly useless. I'm being told.that i should count being able to carry a bag of washing down a flight of stairs as a physical win day.... Like not even load the machine just carry it down the stairs. Iv gone from sprinting at high level in the disabled athletics scene to oh carry a bag of washing downstairs and am expected to accept that. I'm 100% sure that they are treating me.differently than an ablebodied person. Just because i am disabled I'm told to accept it whereas if i was AB and done this damage equivilent to the op they *fruitcage*ed up on a motorbike or at work or hell even on tour in any of the thirdworld shitholes the forces have been too in the last 30yrs they'd have looked at the injuries done six months of 'trying' to save the leg so the shrinks can get my head round it then just do a below knee amputation and then... 6months later id be back at work and looking at a motorbike But because I am disabled and it's their *fruitcage*up I've suffered and suffered been condescended to, lied to, talked to like a child and ignored all because they don't want to admit they *fruitcage*ed up. Iv spent 8years on meds that cause long term problems, about with your mood and now am having seizures and even then I'm being talked to like I'm stupid 'well isn't it just that you drifted off this 'edge of sleep seizure' you describe could just be you falling asleep couldn't it' No *badgeress*... My girlfriend has worked with severe epileptics for about 15yrs and has seen pretty much every seizure going and its screaming my obvious to her that it's not just falling asleep and my boyfriend has witnessed the same seizures and no i didn't fall asleep during the ref i just have the ability to STFU and don't really want to talk to someone who talks to me.like I'm six. Just *fruitcage* i hate this but... Yeah Hi guys I'm back anyone know a good medical malpractice solicitor (NOT a personal injury guy as this is kinda more complicated) I have other rants including phone shops that lie cheat and take the but I will save that for annother post but suffice to say if I was in Brighton a certain shop would he getting daily bottles thrown through the doorway for doing like charging batteries in other phones to sell phones with *fruitcage*ed charger ports.
  7. paranoiddroid

    K-S03 mag fed APS shotgun

    That's gorgeous and if its as modular as you say with the drop into a rifle stock comment. could be an awesome mech for doing interesting shotgun builds that haven't been done yet this may sound dumb but would it be fairly simple to make pump action?
  8. paranoiddroid

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    The head copper in wales is a *Ubar*. He actually BRAGGED on national radio about sitting officers close to biker events to pull large groups and search for issues holding people for 45m as they search desperately around the bike for issues. Even ticketing guys for illegal exhausts who had properly stamped mufflers because 'it sounds too loud' as a great bit of policing. He bragged about targeting tourists and openly admitted he wanted to stop motorcycle riders from visiting wales. Iirc he did some funny stuff with speed cameras as well breaking the rules on placement and not programing them for the 10%+1 leeway that the home office guidelines push for. Also in other news im not sure if Il get my meds this week bz i ordered the scrip before my review due date but the gp will have signed it after the review due date.... Meds that require review by the gp but are controlled by a specialist. You cant make changes so why make me go for a review. And Stunt, you're awesome and you understand and listen when im having a shot time so ty. What we experience as kids does massively influence who we become. Im cynical and misanthropic and don't trust people because of my childhood thankfully i have a group of close friends who understand and listen when i need it.
  9. paranoiddroid

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    Iv got two of my Cold War goes hot 15mm scale tanks built and on the painters desk, my tornados have had the missing bits turn up. Battlefront are shut and aren't sending replacement bits from kits they tucked up to the shop till their next order BUUIT seeing as people aren't buying from BF because the missing bits and tucked up product takes months to sort out the shop isn't selling enough BF stuff to restock... Also iv stopped really hurting and not fallen over today.
  10. paranoiddroid

    The Computer Question Thread

  11. paranoiddroid

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    Definitely. Going for a meal with friends if i can be added o get out of bed.
  12. paranoiddroid

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Heh. I agree if you cant/dont want kids there is a sense that...your life isn't complete in the minds of others and they almost try to push you too it. I don't think kids is an option for me, I'd have to come off pretty much every tablet im on and...those nine months would be bedbound screaming and crying and just... The risk of harm to the kid from my falling constantly would be huge. Really basic stuff like going to the shop alone as a stay at home mum would... I'd need a carer with me to do it. Plus i honestly don't think i could put my partner through it. He lost one after birth like 36hrs after birth and had the two other times they tried for a child end in still births and emergency surgery to save his no ex and being asked o allow them to remove the plug told his wife may die of they don't. Ibi don't want to hurt him and the fear and guilt is something he still has issues with. Neither of us want kids and we have discussed it and we are happy. Iv been looked down on told I'm immature and have broken priorities and need to grow up (that said by a girl who got knocked up by a 23yr old when she was 17 and lives in a council place with her new partner with a dedicated room for her kid that he has never used because she can't get unsupervised visitation because she's in a relationship with someone on the register) now i was tempted to be really nasty and catty there. All i posted was being surprised how many people had kids of my contemporaries (aged 20 nearly 21) and because i suggested here was an alternative life pathway than leave school/uni get married pop out kids immediately god the vitriol and abuse. Everyone who commented seemed to feel like my being surprised and openly admitting that I couldn't see having kids at the point i was at and I'm happy with my life as it was then and couldn't see children being a positive at that time (21, third year of uni means I'm not settled in a career yet so when i get a job its bottom of the totem pole and id need time to establish my career, relationships at uni vs relationships outside of uni are really different and i id want a couple of years after uni to get the relationship on a good path and couldn't see how adding kids straight way was good for the relationship. Stress additional challenges at a time of massive change similarly id want the first few years of married life to be about establishing an US how we do things work on things work out problems vs married then immediately after kid so.. They've never experienced married life without having a child is want time to explore marriages challenges tribulations an rewards before taking that step) I wasn't nasty or vitriolic aboutitjust shocked how many have had kids by that point and an admittance that at 21 i was not in my view ready to have kids and Jesus you'd have thought id walked onto their front room and done unspeakable acts to their cat on the Sunday china from the level of abuse and nattiness' i got. I was called immature, told i was wasting my life, told i needed to grow up by the aforementioned girl with the sex offender boyfriend (you have no idea how tempted I was to post something like 'the *fruitcage* you know about actually having a child changing your life, you lost custody to your ex every hearing has said you can't have custody and you can't even have visits without being supervised because you prioritise *fruitcage* a sex offender over your child' when she was attacking me telling me i needed to grow the *fruitcage* up. My mother worked in SS so i got updates on how the disabled lot from school she fondly imagined I was friends with, the group i got stuck with in pe and sat at break times and at lunch etc etc because 'your all disabled so you have to be friends' segregation was a thing) and i got just insulted and abused as if me saying i can't see being ready and on a place in my life where having kids is a good thing somehow attacks and hurts them... As if me saying I'm happy where i am in life and enjoy the time o myself and the ability to do stuff without needing babysitters and detailed plans and having my free money (like the extra after bills) be all free to do stuff with vs needing to put it into 'family wants' was somehow me saying that they *fruitcage*ed up and had *suitcase* life choices or whatever. There is a social pressure to settle down spit out a couple of kids and get married and i do know people who got married pretty much because society said they needed to and the same for having kids. Thankfully I'm used to people thinking I'm subhuman and subnormal so I'm not massively bothered that certain people look down on me because I'm not getting married soon and i don't intend to have kids and i don't feel the need to justify myself to them when they ask why not. As if 'because we don't want children' isn't a good enough answer they want to know of its a medical thing or a issue with one of you getting the third degree and the stinkeye as if there's no greater sin that to not have exhausted every option to ensure you can procreate, no one more contemptible than a happy DINKie couple. Although in my case there is a fairly vocal minority who tell me i shouldn't have kids at all and in fact i shouldn't be allowed to have children and the government should ensure that so i can't win really can i?
  13. paranoiddroid

    The Computer Question Thread

    Um... Guys... How easy is it to install a think pad keyboard replacement?
  14. paranoiddroid

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    Hedge the only time you would need a new launcher is if you couldn't take something that long and shove it in there and get it to bang. Ooh er missus etc etc etc. I still want a tag round for my pistol grenade launcher that im tempted to try to convert into the German issue launcher type thing.
  15. paranoiddroid

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Lone Bullet, sorry hun its not really something you can TL;DR but basically. The target system is wank because it means they have an incentive to not acknowledge stuff till they can hit targets and make the process so hard you die or give up so you aren't affecting their targets. The current system trying to prevent people abusing drugs makes it hard to get meds and coz of that I get treated like im a smackhead when they *fruitcage* up and put me through withdrawal The NHS system means it doesn't matter if you've done x before they still demand you try it when seeing a new specialist because 'policy' in order to access the bit that actually helps. If i ask for help with the paperwork side of stuff potentially they could decide im incompetent and assign me someone to look over my shoulder and manage my affairs including manage my money for me meaning i have to beg someone for permission to spend my own money and get pocket money doled out by someone else only allowed to have so much of my money at any one time. The NHS has doctors who don't speak English well enough to be understandable and those docs being of a different culture occasionally allow their morals and cultural background ti influence how they treat patients meaning because my hip moved and clicked into a new position during sex the conservative lutheran doctor decided because i was 16 and unmarried that wasn't actually an issue that needed looking at. People tend to do stuff to 'help' and make decisions without asking me either what i want or what I can do physically and get *suitcase* with me when I get unhappy with that. The system is *suitcase* because it makes things needlessly difficult so much so that it feels like their trying to drive you to kill yourself because of the stress and worry in order o stop having to do anything to help. The ultimate TL;DR LOL answer is the government are *Ubarflock*, they could *fruitcage* up a wet dream and gov targets and policies only make things harder because you aren't a person you are a number. Stunt, thanks im glad to be back, you are all awesome people because you put up with me whining and offer advice. On that note how easy is it to replace a think pad keyboard?

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