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  1. very nice, that looks as good as JT's refinish and aging jobs.
  2. bloody hrll, shame nobody is doing I better then.
  3. wow that's appalling and they don't even have the courtesy to make the sleeve power pack either
  4. don't suppose you have the madbull personal mine and 2S thunder Land mines left? if so what would you want for them?
  5. oh man thas gorgeous... so 3d print the laser instead then?
  6. this is really cheeky but God please can I have that file for the cap? I want something FIERCE and have dreamed of doing this to my wa frankenpita for ages. seriously you could are a.mint.selling those. especially its modded handguards. thanks for all the details! Gives me a build list.
  7. need some work but.. its almost there.
  8. OK this thread is amazing. I have qI sterling but no pics yet and I'm working on a cyma grenade launcher to very pistol style thing. slowly so here's my partially done RAF 1911 project. it needs engraving but that's it really.
  9. right... £60 on a discord and I now have a Well/CCCP/Lancer Tactical m82 spring rifle. I know they have issues, I know they need a LOT of work. I know that it doesn't take standard pars and uses their SVD hop but if you mod the Inner barrel a better hop COULD work. current plan is look at a cow bolt conversion (60$l a 12g to asa adaptor and a line to a regulated co2 setup (either with my current reg for my law and mortar project or a smaller one to go Iside the gun) and a lot of externL work to make some sort of Anti Tank Rifle type thing for ww2 setpiece stuff. so anyon
  10. man a colt 4x20 would look amazing g on a carry handle moint there. I need to get my frankenWA running. mqybe after I print your vortex block.
  11. it is the year for the old guard to make scary props it seems. I now have q hpa regulator ready for the mortar.
  12. that's an incredible piece of work and much more impressive than the typical attempts. I actually think how you mounted that bipod is better than the original idea.
  13. the money though it's 120$ before shipping to the UK for just the stock set and honestly the fit of the wood is garbage on what I have I have the advantage if knowing what the shotgun is based on which helps and honestly fitting to the action isn't that hard. what are you struggling with on yours?
  14. If you are going to do it the shapeways metal sintered printing is fine for the hammer and extractor.
  15. And yet midcaps are still unobtainable and nobody makes a SUIT repro...
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