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  1. bloody hrll, shame nobody is doing I better then.
  2. wow that's appalling and they don't even have the courtesy to make the sleeve power pack either
  3. oh man thas gorgeous... so 3d print the laser instead then?
  4. need some work but.. its almost there.
  5. OK this thread is amazing. I have qI sterling but no pics yet and I'm working on a cyma grenade launcher to very pistol style thing. slowly so here's my partially done RAF 1911 project. it needs engraving but that's it really.
  6. the money though it's 120$ before shipping to the UK for just the stock set and honestly the fit of the wood is garbage on what I have I have the advantage if knowing what the shotgun is based on which helps and honestly fitting to the action isn't that hard. what are you struggling with on yours?
  7. Waiting for an amputation so... hopefully but who knows. Also finally got my hands on a hwasan shotgun as well now just need to refinish it in durablue and get a full stock done.
  8. Given I popped on to check something on an old news thread thought id join the old crowd returning and say hi. Basically my health utterly exploded and life imploded and airsoft sort of stopped drifted back into larp @EdSkar you'll be pleased to know that pistol survived longer than the larp system did and it became a cherished and hugely special in game item iconic to the character. Hope everyone is doing well and maybe see you on the field after the amputation. Also if the Canadian guy is still needing help to get his gear back out of HK there is a w
  9. Dang I love the K and would love a sterling. I need to get rid of some stuff I have rebuild others and sort out what I want to do. But that Swedish K is gorgeous. How well did it go together? Was it allot of scratch huilt stuff or mainly drop in fit to the mpl.
  10. What's the odds I can get them in a us gun shop
  11. That's really disappointing that they didn't either do the 38version or the full .455 shells version I mean all that time on a gorgeous set of externals ruined by that niggling detail That saa is pretty but isn't it a pellet gun? Also does anyone know of a speed loader that fits the normal Dan Wesson branded revolvers?
  12. Is there a source for well Webley shells yet? And are the WG Wembley shells undersized like the well ones or are they a true .455? I want to get a Wembley and want to know if my speedstrip trick will work? Something I picked up from competition revolver shooters using 45acp revolvers or the 9mm guns pre speed loaders being common. Buy a magazine that will feed the rounds so for 357 a desert eagle mag could work I guess or a Coonan arms for 45acp or .455 a 1911 mag will work afaik since you can shoot 45 in a Webley and there have been 455 1911s. Basically you hold the mag in your h
  13. Ha anyone got an 870 trishot with the traditional stock who would be interested in swapping for an m3 full stock with pistol grip? I don't like pistol grip stocks and having tried a cut off pistol grip stock for the Benelli it doesn't feel right. Worth a shot I guess
  14. Ok I have an agm wa system m4 cqb I got cheap, shoots pretty well just a little warm at 370 last time I had it out. I have 6 prowin mags and an agm mag all about to get rebuilt with the o ring kit from pk airsoft. basically replacing all the o rings and checking the valves. 4 of the prowin mags work fine the other two I knew needed fill valves replacing when I got them (they were thrown in with the 4 good mags as freebies by a seller). There's a new bolt to replace the agm one from Iron airsoft sat here, a heavy recoil buffer and heavy spring and an npas kit, Other than the
  15. does anyoune know where I can get of Ris mountable mp5 style sights?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. hitmanNo2


      I will hunt them down and PM you some pics.

    3. renegadecow


      Keep in mind their height reelative to the front sigh though. They're shorter than AR sights but higher than MP5 sights.

    4. paranoiddroid


      based on how the HG is being setup I don't think that is going to be an issue. Also isn't the height of the ones off a 416 going to be fairly close to standard AR sights anyway?

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