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  1. just got an email from LCT with this. Quite interesting. And the new Boyi AKS74u laminated wood set on my bro's gun, ordered from ebaybanned. It looks really good.
  2. Inokatsu AK-104 kit, plum MAG midcaps, realsteel /lol/ sling with ACM optic mount and Aimpoint M4 replica from ebaybanned. I made the weathering with "1000" sandpaper.
  3. They are answering emails. I wrote to lctairsoft, and they sent this as their webshop. Its been alive for only a few day. On my ino kit's box there was a dynamic star logo sticker with this url, though 1 years ago it wasnt live. My teamate asked for an RPK kit invoice - still waiting for answer
  4. Though its offtopic here, its serious info. I hope its news. http://www.dynamicstar.com.tw/product.php
  5. My AK-104 with 200rnd MAG midcap Love at first sight.
  6. Iam looking for a "russian looking" reddot for my AK-104. Kobra and other ak jewels are a bit too expensive. Maybe you have some ideas, or picture examples?
  7. I compared a V3 tappet to the V1. The most significant difference is, that the v1 is much wider, though the length and the shape is good. Other difference is a tappet spring end location, but its not a serious problem. All we need is to find a way to make the v3 wider. I have an idea: using epoxy putty with needle pins. File to shape and use a liter grease The biggest force is on the "sharkfin" part, so I think the epoxy custom sliding part can handle the stress. Edit: Another idea: File down precisely 0.5-0.5mm the upper and lower side, glue on two 0.5mm aluminium plate with the corr
  8. I have great news! Finally i did it I did fit the JP gearbox in my TM Famas. It wasnt an easy ride... First I had to solve the compression problem. The original JP brass nozzle /now i know/ is a bore up one, but badly made, it has no sealing at all. And the biggest problem, it wasnt compatible with the marui hopup chamber, it was to big, didnt fit. I bought a guarder m16 bore up nozzle, i had to use sandpaper inside, it was too tight, but now it has awesome seal, no air leak at all. Compression is perfect. Though its a bore up nozzle, it shoots quite well. All i need now is a str
  9. Some more infos, as i spent my day with my famases. The JP famas uses different cylinder, cylinder head and nozzle, they are not interchangeable with the marui. Ive tried all day to put in marui bits, but its total horror, I failed.
  10. - i bought it from a friend who sold it after 4 day. - yes it takes, Its a bit wobblyer, but holds the mag well. - Well to change the rotating part, you have to get the pinion down. But if you can do this with the new motor, all you need is just to cut the axis and file a bit. So its nothing but a few hours handwork. - it has a brass /or copper/ air nozzle. I have some new infos. I did build my hibrid yesterday. The TM and JP guns are 98% compatible. Only a few unimportant bits, mostly screws are different. The magazine catch's axis is bigger in the TM, the rear sight's, fr
  11. I got my JP Famas F1 today. After I finish my exams i will make some pics, till then a few words. The gun is really solid, the full lower receiver is metal, including the grip, so the it is really heavy, especially compared to the marui one. - regular size short motor, but its axis is shorter. Need some custom work to replace it. - "xyt" chinese gear set - bronze bushings, need to replace them, because they are too flat, proper shimming is quite impossible. The default shimming is horroristic. - brass nozzle. - good wiring - polycarb piston, and piston head, tappet plate
  12. I have a G&P 2200mah 8.4v stick battery with a guarder infinite motor. 400fps /good seals and tightbore/ and 2500+ shoots. In warm circumstances 3000+ shoots. So you don't have to worry about stick type.
  13. I was unlucky to step into a concrete shaft, fell with my full body weight on my AK104 hitting the concrete edge. After that I had to tighten the front sets screws. But. It did not break edit: brake/break
  14. i have 4 tm lowcaps, they all do the same.
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