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  1. yup their a *badgeress* to fit arent they did you get the delta ring thread to fit? mind didnt, so i modified the old one to take the new bits, eg a hole drilled for the tube and dremmel out a section for the tabs on the delta ring. worth the effort though i love it!!! what battery did you put in it too? i got custombatterypack to make me a 9.9 2200 the goes on top and under the barrel, its permanantly fixed but its a big battery if i need i can just tag on my PEQ as a reserve
  2. BigRedJ

    Before and After

    i just sdded this to the armalite thread but i suppose it belong here too.... my ICS M4
  3. well i've been severly modifiying my ICS m4 and here's the result, took sme najot dremmel action lol
  4. lol no worries, but hey if we dont point it out how you ever going to notice it
  5. one this that bugs me just a little latley is on the nice new front page news, all the images are clickable, so w get a news story that we get all excited about, then it has images, we click them to see a bigger image and NO its just the same image but by itself. Can image either cle ckickable and BIG or not clickable please It might sound petty but look at the latest madbull gas gearbox, tiny image, would be nice to easily see that bigger etc
  6. Which CASV is that, Proud or King Arms? how do you find it?
  7. just a quicky to say i love it, a nice and clean page, can you make the forum in the same styleee? keep up the good work!
  8. Arnie have you seen these guys... they do all sorts on-demand http://www.spreadshirt.net/?lang=en&locale=GB
  9. oops but it would tidy up the general area! Cheers arnie
  10. how about a dedicated area in the general section? before these threads take over!
  11. it does look small, but it folds down and is really comfortable
  12. I put in one of the other threads about mp5's, but i thought i'd add to this tthead too I've just got my G&G RIS from endo, rather pleased with it too
  13. Hmmm, i'm really tempted about getting one for my MP5 A3, could solve a lot of problems, only thing is deciding whet batter i could use instead, how big can an ICS gun go?
  14. i like the idea of choice! personally i prefer the forum WITHOUT the menu on the side
  15. yeah it was just nice when you login to the main forum, you can see the latest stuff even before you go into each subject, is also can drag you into topics you wouldnt normally go into etc...
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