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  1. Got my headache rack on, I guess I forgot a wire as the right blinker light wont function, but it works in running light form...another project....
  2. Ill be updating this over the next couple days with the complete lot, but for now, these are the first batch. Love the B1B Finally back in the air! Only flying B-29
  3. Sometimes living in West Texas has its perks, like open roads with no other vehicles for miles... Side note, yes I was obviously speeding, I don't want to turn this into one of those arguments. In this case the only person I would have hurt was myself and I will only do that kind of stuff, when I'm the only one who could get hurt.
  4. On a highway that hasn't been opened yet if it helps haha. I rarely find places to let that supercharger really scream, so a closed road was a godsend.
  5. Just finished cleaning the truck and scrubbing off the 130mph bug strikes, thought she deserved another photo
  6. Thanks, and as for B, that is weird, especially since they had guys like this: And a few more photos:
  7. Thanks! I used a Canon Rebel XTi with a 28-300 Canon IS L Lens. Also, found some more I liked:
  8. Made a topic in 08, so thought Id continue the tradition Just got back, Ill be progressively adding more throughout the next couple days.
  9. I'm a fan of the sunglasses idea. I sometimes have trouble seeing out my rear window that is fairly tinted at night, I'm not saying it cant be done, but I have to really divert some attention to looking more closely at whats going on. Plus I would get *badgeress* slapped by the police around here for a tinted windscreen.
  10. Just bought this from my uncle. 99 Ford Lightning with engine mods out the wazoo. This thing hauls, and honestly scares me a bit, but I'm in love. Still cleaning her up, shes not too bad right now though.
  11. Thanks guys! I was bored, I think B&W really makes it nice.
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