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    1 TMM16A2 (stock, soon to be upgraded to 350 FPS)
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    I love guns. I love cars. I love airsoft and I love guns. I am a 15 year old auto mechanic and part-time lawn-mower with a natural talent for handling his AR15 carbine in the shooting tourneys, and always someone to enjoy a good. joke. I am not politically correct, and I feel political correctness is one of the world's biggest problems right now.
  1. Trust me, the Caddy DeVilles are piles of shat. Itll fall apart about every three years, the NorthStar V8 is a pile, and compared to some of the post-Y2K cars that Cads has produced. Much better out there. I lurve the CTS me-self. BUT, im not you. So if you want a DeVille and get one, and that makes you happy, then thats great
  2. Park and Maccrage, nice rides, maccarage good choice in SUV. Raj: is that a Focus RS? If so, nice! Got to drive one last year in Vegas, loved it to death .
  3. Where did you get teh AOCG that is mounted on the carrying handle like that? I have looked every where!(not really) Nice guns guys! Ye old and Milla, lookin' good with lightly modded guns! No rapage!
  4. Mmm....subie....... And I agree on the tune up, if not a check up. Get a diagnostics check, if its something major, then the car will know there is something wrong. And if the check engine light isn't flashing, it could still be broken, so get it checked.
  5. Don't call it slow, either. Your Eclipse is like my V6 mustang. They aren't FAST cars, but they aren't slow either. They are in between, with great modifiable motors. Once you put some money into them, they are fast. Don't harsh on your car, it's nice, and it puts enough vehicles in their place stock or lightly modded that you can still have fun with it.
  6. Whats lame about your car? Eclipses are nice, sporty cars, and yours happens to look great! At least it isn't one of the early-mid '90s DSMs that looked like poo! You have a nice car, no worries mate.
  7. I know how oyu feel. Originally I was going to buy a used Mach 1('03); but hte insurance company basically said I was going to have to pay out the *albatross* to have it. Same with a GT. I hate insurance providers. DBC: Does it really do 40? If so, cool. If not, cool. Good transprotation, haha. I've been wanting to try and put a motor in one of the chopper bicycles that have taken trailer parks by storm, but alas, I am lazy.
  8. The design on the wheels was made specially for pulling in air particles at high speed, but if the old man gets an S/C for it, hes calling Brembo and getting some cross-drilled rotors. For as big as the car is, it stops like a dream.
  9. Thats really too bad. I mean yeah, V8s are great power plants, but you have to broaden your horizons to 3 and 4 valve IL4s, IL6s, and V6s too. There is one very important and very crucial replacement for displacement(and just about every problem in the modern world), and its called technology. Anyways, as promised, why you all should hate my old man and why they never should of given him money, the Chrysler 300C-SRT8!!!! Yeah, this car has balls. Like, big ones, haha. I love it. I've only driven it twice(because it has basically replaced the entire family on the
  10. Are you a only GT guy, or one of the GT+ only guys? 'Cause if you wanna talk Mustangs with anyone, I am a HUGE Mustang buff, haha. Gotta love 'em. And to whomever has the AMG Benz(forgot his/her name, sorry) nice ride! If you guys give me a few minutes, I'll give you good reason to hate my daddy even more, haha.
  11. I am pretty sure the 4.3 mags will work on a 5.1, but don't take my word for it. I think Tanio Koba makes a threaded outer barrel for the 5.1 and 4.3, and I highly doubt any real grips fit the HiCapas.
  12. Try a 6inch WA(Western Arms, make top notch GBBS) SVI(Strayer Voight Infinity) from any large airsoft retailer. WGC or Un Company has a good selection of WA products.
  13. QFT. Very Nice Snowman and G_R! Loverly guns, without a doubt.
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