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    1 TMM16A2 (stock, soon to be upgraded to 350 FPS)
    1 KJW Para 14.45 full metal w/ 2 magazines
    1 UHC M1911A1 springer
    1 UHC Desert Eagle .44 Magnum
    1 Cybergun Hardballer II(man does this gun suck!)
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    "I'm gonna go drop a duece"
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    United States

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    Boise, Idaho
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    I love guns. I love cars. I love airsoft and I love guns. I am a 15 year old auto mechanic and part-time lawn-mower with a natural talent for handling his AR15 carbine in the shooting tourneys, and always someone to enjoy a good. joke. I am not politically correct, and I feel political correctness is one of the world's biggest problems right now.
  1. M1911A2 guy

    SNAFU tryout

    Me in semi-complete MFR loadout.

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