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  1. Anyone know about the LCT AMD 65s charging handle? does it pull back all the way? just wondering thanks guy.
  2. keep doing the good fight comrade!

  3. Does anyone else seem to have problems with the bent front sight?
  4. yes it does, but its plastic/ rubber i bought the metal one seperatly.
  5. I have the long stock version its worth every penny.
  6. yea this gun looks sweet, just any general issues from any experianced users,thanks
  7. its either this, or the ak74.
  8. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A real airsoft PKM its just beutiful!!!!!!
  9. well I got mine w/ the turbow 3000 but after i charged the batt i was firing on semi and then it just stops shooting alltogether so im gettin it repaired and selling it for $200 if anyones interested
  10. AK74M545

    pics...2 023.jpg

    i want the "TOP" one
  11. AK74M545


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