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  1. I really hate to sound like a negative Nelly, but it’s a Maruzen. I assume it will probably be the same as all the last ones they released ages ago and will be all plastic abs and somewhat meh. I shall of course reserve judgment and probably get one anyway, but I really wish vfc had made the ppk instead of the /s. Still, maybe we will get some nice metal kits again, just be prepared to spend a lot more money on it 😟
  2. That’s excellent, thanks for the advice, maybe I will print a little boat then 😆
  3. Yes, exactly that as I don’t have the cad skills to model it myself. The file I looked at is available in .3ds .max .dxf .dwg .fbx .blend .c4e .dae .duf .aep .glb .gltf .bip .lwo .mxs .mb .psd .3dm .skp .xsi .stl .usd .usdz and .obj I know my laptop won’t run blender, and I haven’t really had much chance to try many other programs yet, and from what I have watched on the YouTube I think if I am not mistaken the format I would want is .stl? my printer in the ender as I mentioned in my post, and I kind of figure if I am going to start by printing a useless boat or castle then I may as
  4. I still require help with this if there is anyone with any 3d printing experience? I am not after anything complicated, just some clarification as to the file type that I need in order for my model to work as I will need to purchase it and I don’t want to get the wrong format. 🙏 Thank you
  5. Any update on how your chronograph testing went? I saw a similar video on the YouTube where a guy fitted a longer inner barrel and hop and with no other modifications it was consistently pushing out those little round plastic demon balls at around the 400fps mark 😳. It made me want to do it with one 😈
  6. I have been planning my biggest home build custom gun handgun for a while now, and have decided to build it completely from scratch using 3d printed parts for the most part, electroplated to finish to give a nice shiny silver metal look. I have bought a new 3d printer, an Ender 3 neo, filament printer. I have decided on this approach partly for legal reasons, plastic parts that are essentially a toy rather than hand finished metal parts which the old bill would probably throw a skitty over. Problem is, I have never printed a single thing (so far my printer is still boxed) in my life,
  7. Beautiful work gunnman. I love the pattern on the top of the slide, really nice. How come you have managed to post so many pictures, I have almost run out of total size uploads and I wanted to post some nice pictures of my 1911 build soon! 😂
  8. Ok, I’m still toying about with my project 1911, I am just not quite 100% sure about my barrel, I might port it, then again I might not, I’m not sure yet. I was wondering though if anyone has one of the two part barrels that unscrew by the chamber, that they were able to measure the size of the thread that it screws on, was wondering if it’s 14mm? The sort of thing I mean is something like this: Many thanks 😊
  9. I bought the traded version ☺️ You are not wrong about the price of the mafioso kit, they have always been a bit pricey. I remember paying £275 for a real one before the 1997 handgun ban, not that it would be any good for shooting people in a game, but even so, even the best airsoft replica shouldn’t cost more than a real one, same price maybe taking into account materials, but they are not needing to have the same tolerances, nor would they legally be able to, so I couldn’t justify paying that price. Then again, in some countries like maybe Japan, good replicas are more expensive
  10. Yeah, I think he was referring to the grips as he was pointing to those at the time. If anyone is interested, here is a rather nice review of the real P226 Mk25 for a comparison. There is probably some useful information regarding the differences between the p226 and the p226 Mk25, especially when it comes to holsters as that should carry across into the airsoft world as well.
  11. I thought that, but I think he is referring to the grips, because later on he says full metal construction.
  12. This is out now, review from redwolf is here: https://youtu.be/m00wS85lV5o?si=BTJz3CnrOWxViTC_
  13. Due for release somewhere around the end of October is the new Vfc P226. I hadn’t seen this mentioned anywhere. It is available for pre order now on Redwolf.
  14. I don’t think currently that there are many aftermarket parts. When I got my Mk I, so a little while ago, I also got a slide release/takedown lever, safety catch, hammer, spur, and grips. I know for certain that they were not WE, they were definitely not genuine Browning parts either. It is possible that they may have been Tanaka or Marushin, I think most likely the latter, but it was as I said a long time ago so I don’t remember.
  15. Ok, it took me a while but I finally decided to get a Mk III, and here is what I think of it. All in all, it feels much better than the earlier model with the tangent sight, much snappier to fire and has a much crisper recoil. Much nicer. Most of the stuff that I don’t like about this pistol are the fault of the design that WE copied from Tanaka, as with the earlier model, the absence of adjustable hop is just so beguiling. I know that removing the barrel from the slide is an absolute pain, so the grub screw in the top was never the best hop adjustment to begin with, and unless I hav
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