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  1. Do our smocks even have them? I wouldn't know, I'm not ally enough to spend my money on a para smock... Or something. It's basically just a left over from the days of the Denison smock, and when there was a larger possibility of your jacket billowing up around you.
  2. Goes through the crotch and clips to the front. Used when jumping, it prevents the smock being blasted up by the air.
  3. Checkit, 2 para patrol... All with packs: http://i191.photobucket.com/albums/z86/dan...elmand_16-1.jpg Also of note are ACOG and abundance of WAS kit for both MOLLE pouches and backpacks.
  4. Damn... beaten to the link. They're even the fancy type with extra pockets.
  5. Err.. not maybe. There are inserts for them. The shoulder and neck protectors are just soft armour designed primarily to protect to poor bloke doing top cover from all the ###### kicked around by a roadside bomb. As with the plates and the soft armour for the rest of it, it's all held in theatre.
  6. Oooh... close! I'd say it was Int Corps rather than RR Wales, because the white stripe is a bit wide and the green is well... Slimey. Also, I don't think anyone except Int Corps would wear a stable belt on an ex like that. If the pic is from within the last two years that'll obviously settle things, but in the meantime I'd be fairly confident to say Int. Edit: Oh God he's got twisties on as well... Cringe Wow. Things are a bit out of place but... Wow. Really nice pics.
  7. Very nice! A couple of final touches needed but nothing major like you said. - ESS V-12s are a must. They aren't especially great for airsofting though, so you might find you want to get a pair of ESS ICE glasses and leave the V-12s on the helmet. You can get V-12s for £30 and ICE for about £35, PM me if you need links. You have to have at least one of these two because no other eye protection can be worn out there. - Not everyone does the whole elastic band thing. It was originally a para thing (to prevent covers slipping during jumps), but the look has caught on. Green or brown sniper
  8. http://www.army-surplus.co.uk/militarygear...te-carrier.html Heee. Some of my HCav friends on the last Herrick got them because the Osprey is too bulky for the Scimitar's hatches.
  9. Precisely, who would shoot a banana?
  10. Report from the DPM thread... Edit: Osprey not very well set up in the last photo... Eventually mounted the radio horizontally at the top of the front, 3x single mags on the front, a triple mag on either side, grenade on the left, and utility on the right. Then moved the grenade onto the front later that day.
  11. OK, I'm stumped. Please explain: - What the hell your post even means - Why I've had to carry around a radio that doesn't exist
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