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  1. That phone takes decent pictures Very nice gear and GR300S
  2. They use tiscalli broadband They got access. They are imature. I think it is just lucky they didn't post something that could have got me banned EDIT:Password changed
  3. Nope It is obviously a smear campaign "He is gay, he likes girls aloud" if you know what I mean.
  4. My cousins may be able to access my account. I went on arnies when I was down at there house. Hopefully there is a way of checking this with IP. My whole family was out today. As you siad LJ, that definately isn't my posting style.
  5. Hey, I have just realised somone has hacked into my account. I have just noticed that someone made a thread under my name called "I am the best at airsoft" I don't know how many other threads were made at this moment. Unfortunately I recieved a number of un-deserved neg reps for this. Is there anyway I can sort this out? I do not know who did this, I have told my password to one person (someone that I trust on this forum) but that is it. I wont name names because I do not know who it is. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...83entry530683 ^^ said thread I know this
  6. I get this too, even though the loading of the post hasn't finished, when I cancel it due to slowness, it's up anyway
  7. http://img116.imageshack.us/img116/6583/awa27114nx.gif# l small clip of a cover and move tactic from sunday
  8. Me at AWA harlow yesterday. Was a great day cheers guys. (I am the one with the krylon'd M16 ) and a little "charge" me and a mate did kitlist ( Didn't wear much that game) BLACKHAWK omega in DPM GEM-TECH lanyard spec ops 3 point sling DPM S95 trousers, DPM shirt, OG T-shirt and DPM ripstop smock a la hood OG shemagh croakies '58 work belt Guarder glasses DPM baseball cap ( customed) S95 gloves (custom) Danner arcadias guns: Krylon'd M15a4 TM p226
  9. Me, like soloman and jak, at AWA harlow. What a game! Being a diorganised twat that day, I didnt bring half the gear I should have so the pics of me are not great EDIT: And no, I am not the old guy I am the one with the bush hat
  10. Oops, sorry Shao, just saw your post too late
  11. It is not generally allowed but if you wanted to , just tell one mod via PM and they will delete it. Hey, to save time I will just counter it
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