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  1. A pretty damned sexy $300+ though Been tweaking my NFM Bear vest to suit my needs better lately. Cut out the integrated pistol holster, and removed two smoke grenade pouches sewn onto the side of the canteen/utility pouches. Also added ESSTAC KYWI inserts, made extended pull-tabs and botched a custom TQ pouch on there with a pair of MALICE clips.
  2. Solid choice, I kinda want one for my HK416, but I doubt I'd get any real use of it... Get yourself that ERA-TAC scope mount, and it'll be bloody gorgeous!
  3. That looks real nice. What scope is that?
  4. Absolutely not, the NFM Bear vest is the issued load bearing vest for the entire Norwegian military.
  5. It's outright poorly designed, there are hundreds of commercially available chestrigs that are far superior to it. If you want a better option, but maintain the iconic Norwegian look, your best bets are either an M07BA (real ones are hard to find, Dr.Mervin replicas slightly less hard) or an NFM Bear II MOLLE vest, here's a photo of the one I used to be issued: It's much more comfortable, distributes weight far better, and is far more utilized than the piece of *suitcase* Heidrun rig, by a significant margin. If you can't get either of those, even an Eagle RRV or CIRAS would be a better o
  6. Just a word of advice, the Heidrun "chest rig" is an utter piece of worthless garbage, I would advise you to steer well clear. As for the ghillie hood, I made that one myself.
  7. I've sold my HK416, so I decided to take a couple final photos of it before it's shipped off.
  8. Decided to give my Ops-Core FAST Ballistic one final paintjob before selling it. I'm very happy with how it turned out.
  9. Today my Comtacs and rifle got a fresh coat of paint as well. I'm quickly running out of stuff to paint, and it's somewhat distressing.
  10. I would assume so, but I honestly don't know, the internals aren't done yet, and won't be until sometime this spring, so I haven't gotten to test fire it.
  11. My TM HK416 is very nearly complete Long term, I would like to replace the G&P AN/PEQ-2A replica with a real one, and I also feel drawn towards an Insight WMX200. Other than that, I am extremely happy with how it has turned out. Parts list: Tokyo Marui HK416 EBBR - Angry Gun replica Surefire Suppressor - Angry Gun replica Surefire Flash Hider - VFC 16.5" barrel with bayonet lug - VFC replica KAC flip-up front sight - Insight M3X with IR filter - G&P AN/PEQ-2A replica - HAO 14.5" replica SMR handguard - Troy QD sling swivel - VTAC Wide Padded sling - Aimpoint Micro T1 - Tango
  12. The snow outside has rained away. A good thing then, that there are white walls indoors.
  13. That Mandalorian helmet does indeed look great. ------------ I've recently come to realize that I just flat out don't use the ARC rails on my Ops-Core FAST Ballistic for anything sensible at all. So I removed them, because reasons... And I have to say, I quite like it.
  14. Fun fact: I have actually taken part in a biathlon with a HK416.
  15. A small hint of future adventures.
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