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  1. I've sold my HK416, so I decided to take a couple final photos of it before it's shipped off.
  2. Decided to give my Ops-Core FAST Ballistic one final paintjob before selling it. I'm very happy with how it turned out.
  3. I would assume so, but I honestly don't know, the internals aren't done yet, and won't be until sometime this spring, so I haven't gotten to test fire it.
  4. My TM HK416 is very nearly complete Long term, I would like to replace the G&P AN/PEQ-2A replica with a real one, and I also feel drawn towards an Insight WMX200. Other than that, I am extremely happy with how it has turned out. Parts list: Tokyo Marui HK416 EBBR - Angry Gun replica Surefire Suppressor - Angry Gun replica Surefire Flash Hider - VFC 16.5" barrel with bayonet lug - VFC replica KAC flip-up front sight - Insight M3X with IR filter - G&P AN/PEQ-2A replica - HAO 14.5" replica SMR handguard - Troy QD sling swivel - VTAC Wide Padded sling - Aimpoint Micro T1 - Tango
  5. The snow outside has rained away. A good thing then, that there are white walls indoors.
  6. That Mandalorian helmet does indeed look great. ------------ I've recently come to realize that I just flat out don't use the ARC rails on my Ops-Core FAST Ballistic for anything sensible at all. So I removed them, because reasons... And I have to say, I quite like it.
  7. Fun fact: I have actually taken part in a biathlon with a HK416.
  8. A small hint of future adventures.
  9. This one's a short lived addition to the collection. I received it on Saturday, and it was in so rough of a shape, it put me off the project entirely. I decided I was going to sell it less than five minutes later. The entire barrel, trunnion and bipod had to be replaced. At least it's now in a decent state to be sold off... so I decided to send it off with a brand new paintjob.
  10. It's a callsign patch, used for identification of friendly forces. When viewed through night vision equipment, it lights up like this when exposed to light, reflecting only the infrared wavelengths:
  11. There's finally a replica of the FN Minimi Tri-Rail handguard available... And I've got two of them Now... Time to acquire a Minimi or two.
  12. Actually, it's the same lid. The Ranger Green cover from First Spear is still kicking around here in a crate somewhere though
  13. Are the Stark Arms glocks compatible with TM mags (and vice versa)?
  14. This is pretty much all there is to it, apart from a few 50 cal tins on a shelf holding small items, and my ruck in the basement:
  15. ...aaaaaand, I've finally given in and painted it after mulling it over for well over three years. I'm pretty happy with how it came out.
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