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  1. any pics on what the magpul pts ak is based on real steel
  2. anybody know where i can get a gearbox? i cracked mine from experimenting with high fps springs
  3. is the body of the rk12 same as the one on the rk05?
  4. i will post a vid of me finishing a mag in a day or two, you can compare it with my stock ghk vid on youtube
  5. so Scharf where did you buy your cyma long ak mag?
  6. im trying to build a tacticool rpk anybody have any experience with this? do you know if i can change the tube with a magpul one to accomodate this stock?
  7. i did that too with an energy steel teeth piston. changed the motor to a stronger magnet a&k. i placed a systema psg-1 400% spring lets see how long my set up lasts. oh it shoots 597 fps @ .25
  8. i just got mine, it was a pain to open the battery compartment
  9. quick question, are g&g pbs suppressors faithful reproduction of the real thibg? thanks
  10. i thought some of you guys might be interested with this i held a CA SVD today, took the topcover off & the gearbox looks like a TM m14 gearbox anyway here's the pics i took Manual, would confirm that the GB loks like the TM m14 sturdy looking hop-chamber a GB pic
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