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  1. PynkPnthr Pic 1: MK 18 Mod 2 CQBR- yummy. Thanks for the pic. Clarification: general US SF now using MC colored vests and pouches? (besides tan gear)
  2. US Army SF, Kandahar province-Astn, JSOTF-South. Dated 6 March 2011 (US Army/DOD pic by SPC Daniel Shook) *Note: helmet, LAW, *M4 CQBR Block II/MK 18*
  3. Lol! @ Snowman1: oh cool, thanks. I thought some of those were US SF, nice.
  4. True, they could because they get the same toys as US SF. Do you have pics of Rangers with B2 M4's?
  5. @ Snowman1: you might want to post your Ranger load-out in the Ranger thread, we do have that. Some suggestions: try some OD flight gloves and you might want to stick with the regular M4 for your Ranger set-up. I haven't seen too much SOPMOD B2 M4 RIS II pics on Rangers, just on US SF. Try a replica Surefire Scout light or M3X on your M4 too. (SF M951 & M961 are heavy) Good luck.
  6. Block 2 brothers rejoice! Replica Insight M3X (mil/push-button/IF filter/pigtail switch) light now at EBB! http://www.ebairsoft.com/element-tactical-illuminator-long-version-p-3424.html
  7. Happy-happy-joy-joy! New from EBB, KAC FH-newest version. Black with trades: http://www.ebairsoft.com/iron-airsoft-style-inconnel-flash-hider-black-p-3341.html
  8. M4 Block 2 (Pic from milphotos.net, USMC MSOB-SOC but wanted to show rifle) Wants to build RS of it next...
  9. Aww, thanks man, haha. I haven't been on here forever-ie., SEAL threadz, AR threadz, etc. (Been busy playing with some RS.) @ Skyflash: Wow... speechless. Great pics & cool gear again. @ Speed: ah, gotcha, haha.
  10. @ Tomster: great helmet! I say again, somebody in Asia needs to make a replica ANVIS mount and battery pack *cough-cough* @ Speed: cool gear and pics. May I suggest that you guise go with either woodland or MC? ACU really shows in woodland.
  11. Hi guise-just want some clarification. There's a recent pic in A-stan of 2 US SF ops with Multicam, standing in a green field, they are clearly packing Glocks. Are they G19 9mm's or G23 .40 cal's? 9mm would make sense as they also have the Beretta M9A's. I said .40 'cause I've read on some forums by BTDT's that some ODA's used it.
  12. @ Mysel1: if that belt works for you mate, use it. Great pics too!
  13. Om, n0m, Nom, nom

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