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  1. Unfortunately that's out of my field of expertise, however, would it explain why I didn't get an email for your latest reply, in this thread, but I received an email notification for this thread, which comes under all new post notifications in the Tech section: Cheers, Tom
  2. Also, no notification for this THREAD and your reply to this very thread. Tom.
  3. This has been a long running problem, I think, but since I've been out of airsoft I've let it slide. For some reason, even though I'm following loads of threads with 'instant notification', I do not get anything to my email. This morning, I received an email for this THREAD because I'm signed up to a general notification in the Tech section. That's fine, however, this is contradicted by the fact I have not received notification for my THREAD in the Tech section for which I have set to instant notification. This, from vague memory is not the first time. Any ideas? Tom.
  4. Ok, this problem is back and probably the only reason I know it still is a problem is because I'm currently discussing an active topic that I created. In any case, whether it was resolved or not, I am not getting instant notification to my email at all so far. For instance, if I use THIS thread as an example, which I recently created, I have it set to instant notification of replies and I've also checked that my email is up to date. I have, however, received no reply notifications to my email at all. Any fix? Tom.
  5. Aznriptide859, Just a few moments ago I received your email reply notification - a one week delay! Tom.
  6. Just got your email notification now (26th Feb, 12.30pm) but appeared as a new email for 24th in my email. Tom.
  7. In the past couple of weeks I've noticed that I've been getting notifications for threads and specific forums late even though I've got instant notification for everything. I'll log onto my email, look at all my new mail and then I'll see I've still got an email or two but it is not at the top. I'll look down my viewed emails and there it will be, a new notification, in my read emails from two or three days ago. Why is that? Tom.
  8. Where is it? Only joking, really nice. Tom.
  9. My review of a bunch of TT stuff, HERE. Might help with the decision. Tom.
  10. After getting back into airsoft a few years ago, and no longer wanting to do the whole plate carrier / helmet / milsim thing anymore, I decided I wanted to go with only what I really needed and so losing the deadweight, at first glance it could be described as pseudo PMC. Anyway, I was on the hunt for a chestrig that would tick all the required boxes. I was after a chestrig that had plenty PALS but was still relatively simple and un-cluttered. After looking around all the various makers I came to Tactical Tailor, of which I already owned the ‘Dump Demo Pouch’ and ‘Modular Leg Rig Large’,
  11. I don't know what this 'flashlight' is you speak of but the doo-da up front, which I bought years ago, is much the same as this ITEM. Just a large Jubilee clip and a profiled section of rail with one slot wider than the others for the clip. Tom.
  12. Here's my H&K collection: CA MP5SD3 with all the usual bells and whistles inside. KSC USP Compact with Shooters Design slide & outer barrel, bells and whistles. KSC Mk23 with Zeke slide & outer barrel, B&W's Tom.
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