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  1. I've tried and failed to find an online calculator for income tax and National Insurance payments and at what point it is deducted when there are two people involved, 50/50. I have a found, for example, the following calculator when self employed/sole trader but I'm not sure if I can use it to calculate a 50/50 partner split. https://www.employedandselfemployed.co.uk/self-employed-tax-calculator If I have the following numbers, could I use the above calculator if I either split the income and outgoings before calculating or input the totals and split it in two after calculating?
  2. I'd seen those before and just thought they were some sort of cheapo, infomercial type product, however, I'll have a look into. I do suspect that the overall diameter will prevent me from using it as the nuts are very close to the manifold pipes. I've also found 'Metrinch' that bears on the flats and not the corners. Thanks for the idea. Tom.
  3. I'm trying to remove the last three nuts from my Zafira B manifold/catalyst combo and unfortunately they are stuck and I can feel them starting to give on the corners. Is there an alternative socket design (I'm using a standard 10mm hex socket) that will have better purchase on the nut, maybe a socket that applies pressure to the flats? Would a suitably sized Torx socket work? I've also heard of 'Milli Inch' sockets that work on both mm and inch fasteners and apply pressure to the flats but I can't find any trace of them. Do you know of them, have I got the name right? Any ideas?
  4. Ok, thanks for the reassurance. Tom.
  5. Today I received a sexy email, see below. Not overly concerned but that is my principle email it came to and the password was assigned to a website I'm signed up to (www.kitmaker.net). I have changed the password to that website. What else should I be concerned about? Tom. p.s. their claim is only partially true, I only have a webcam connected for Skype. Lawrence Martin <Quinn@asidd.com> I know M*********** is one of your password on day of hack.. Lets get directly to the poin
  6. Unfortunately that's out of my field of expertise, however, would it explain why I didn't get an email for your latest reply, in this thread, but I received an email notification for this thread, which comes under all new post notifications in the Tech section: Cheers, Tom
  7. Nice One. I'll have a look at Farnells and maybe put a couple in parallel. Cheers, Tom.
  8. Also, no notification for this THREAD and your reply to this very thread. Tom.
  9. That's cool. Yes, I'm only running an 18:1, 1Joule set up. Where did you get your parts from? I'm having trouble finding large Amperage components and so far have only found a 10A rated part. Do they do 15 or 20Amp as a single component? Tom.
  10. This has been a long running problem, I think, but since I've been out of airsoft I've let it slide. For some reason, even though I'm following loads of threads with 'instant notification', I do not get anything to my email. This morning, I received an email for this THREAD because I'm signed up to a general notification in the Tech section. That's fine, however, this is contradicted by the fact I have not received notification for my THREAD in the Tech section for which I have set to instant notification. This, from vague memory is not the first time. Any ideas? Tom.
  11. Just wondered whether anyone has tried this? Can you simply drop them in as a replacement for the original and will they react in same fashion, faster or slower? Thanks, Tom.
  12. Ok, this problem is back and probably the only reason I know it still is a problem is because I'm currently discussing an active topic that I created. In any case, whether it was resolved or not, I am not getting instant notification to my email at all so far. For instance, if I use THIS thread as an example, which I recently created, I have it set to instant notification of replies and I've also checked that my email is up to date. I have, however, received no reply notifications to my email at all. Any fix? Tom.
  13. Gents, Maybe a re-installation is the way to go, somewhat annoying, but hey. I'll look into the other options as well. Cheers.
  14. I've searched and searched and I've found nothing concrete, why does PUBG keep randomly crashing to desktop, multiple times during a game? Everything is up to date, I've tried messing with the graphics but to no avail. From what I've heard it is happening across all computer specs but I've not found a rock solid fix. Anyone have the answer? Tom.
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