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  1. Skarclaw

    Show us your war room!

    cheers man - if you get a chance to take a pic of that wip mk48 i'd love to see what it looks like at the moment - i had a google to see if i could see something similar, but no luck. I've developed a bit of an obsession with stripped down lmgs recently!
  2. Skarclaw

    Show us your war room!

    damn ardrummer that is some seriously cool stuff - i love that stripped down m249 so much! I'm hoping thats some organic cider sitting on your desk too 😱
  3. Skarclaw

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    Sites are for the most part now open, however all of the ones I've seen won't offer rental equipment due to covid and such. I'm no longer a UKARA holder, but when I did I essentially imported some RIFs on behalf of a guy who was moving here from France and it went smoothly - may be worth investigating whether you could arrange something similar.
  4. Skarclaw

    H&K Picture Thread

    thats super super cool man https://www.optics-world.nl/winkel/product_info.php?products_id=349 a bit too expensive for me but its an option i guess.
  5. Skarclaw

    Pics of your Gear

    what mounts have you got for the earmor's there? and was there much work in getting it to fit? Read around it a bit but have so far failed to get a consistent answer as to what's required. The Unity tactical Mark specifically mentions the earmor yet seems people still have issues. thanks
  6. Skarclaw

    Question regarding a correct camoflauge.

    It all looks good. Obviously its fun to think about - but you don't need to overthink it either. That camo looks fine for year round maybe you could consider some darker trouser for the autumn and winter, but its not the biggest deal in the world. I have various camo but tbh I go more on weather then season, if that makes sense. As for olive drab vs coyote brown - whatever you think looks cool, its no biggie really. Camouflage and concealment are two sides of the same coin - camo is something you wear, concealment something you do. enjoy!
  7. Skarclaw

    Pics of your Gear

    Just walting about with @DrAlexanderTobacco
  8. Skarclaw

    Pics of your Gear

    its always a WIP but heres my gear as it stands. BHI commando chest rig ft WAS, hwholsters, miltec and bulle pouches Truspec tiger bdu shirt Fjallraven vidda(??) Trousers ft fma ripoff off that crye belt + blade tech holster FMA exfil ft fma mohawk, norotos tatm, flir bnvd-40 2hd Oakley gloves, delta mike tooth protector snood, cheapo mesh eyepro Generic molle daysack + plce bergan with aftermarket posh straps
  9. Skarclaw

    Pictures of Airsoft Stuff You Just Bought

    Flir bnvd-40 2hd just in time for them to probably stop any after-sales haha
  10. Skarclaw

    SMG Picture Thread

    A bodged vfg was used by one of the chaps who posed with thatcher. Looks like an ar15 or ar18 grip with bit of cable tie action too.
  11. Skarclaw

    PEQ or DBAL?

    I have two EX 276's which is the red dot version. I'm very happy with the output of the laser, you don't want it too strong anyway but at night time it exceeds my effective range, and its visible in doors in the day time. I've not used it outside in a skirmish. The build quality is good generally speaking - the body feels pretty solid and as far as it goes, hefty. however the covers for the torch and lasers fell off one unit within a few skirmishes (not ideal but not a disaster) and the other has broken the laser zero adjustment on it's first skirmish (or during transit perhaps). So taping up the more vulnerable bits is probably a good idea. The peq is really a laser first and a torch second i suppose. The torch isn't that powerful and has a fair splash, maybe useful in some situations but i rarely use it. You only have the one button, and you can select between viz laser, ir laser, torch, viz laser + torch. the latter option isn't very useful imo. So if you want to toggle between laser and torch it's best to have a torch as a torch and the peq for the laser, dual switches are useful for this but not necessarily essential
  12. Skarclaw

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    Playing in woodland at night is very challenging (espicially without NODs!) but thats part of the fun shurely!? Insurance playing a role is plausible but im sorry to say that a fair amount of sites will do the bare minimum to keep the same locals turning up 2 sundays a month and that extends to night games. Fortunately a few places are starting to pick up on the demand for them - though this seems to be in the summer, its almost like darkness is seen as a bug not a feature. Case in point: site near me started doing saturday night games... they stopped early december... literally the only reason id go there is cause its a skirmish on a saturday night, its otherwise completely unremarkable. South coast cqb (cracking site) only does evening games on a thursday march-august too. Night games also present challenges when it comes to marshalling. A bunch of us recently went to a semi-private night game with mandatory tracers and it was great. Suffice to say some NODs are on the shopping list! If south coast cqb / the gaol did saturday evening games - even in the winter(!!!) Id be there on a monthly basis, even with at least 5 total hours of driving. One can dream! My final moan is: sites that only do sundays.. why!?!?! Going skirmishing on a saturday then for pints after with nothing to do the next day but sleep is probably my ideal weekend.
  13. There's not much in the way of shops with showrooms in the Gloucestershire area - there was Swindon Airsoft (now Strikeforce I think) but I don't think they have a shop with showroom anymore. If you are based in Gloucestershire there is the aforementioned Strikeforce which is an "american style" plywood killhouse. There is also UCAP Vendetta at the former HMP Gloucester. Further afield you have Spartan CQB (former 6th Form College) and F&O's The Base CQC which is a cool back-to-nature former RAF base. I can't help with appraisals but you can post in the classifieds without needing 100 posts now.
  14. Skarclaw

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    The boys post game
  15. Skarclaw

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    I looooove that m870 man great job! (Ardrummer)

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