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  1. There's not much in the way of shops with showrooms in the Gloucestershire area - there was Swindon Airsoft (now Strikeforce I think) but I don't think they have a shop with showroom anymore. If you are based in Gloucestershire there is the aforementioned Strikeforce which is an "american style" plywood killhouse. There is also UCAP Vendetta at the former HMP Gloucester. Further afield you have Spartan CQB (former 6th Form College) and F&O's The Base CQC which is a cool back-to-nature former RAF base. I can't help with appraisals but you can post in the classifieds without needing 100 posts now.
  2. Skarclaw

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    The boys post game
  3. Skarclaw

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    I looooove that m870 man great job! (Ardrummer)
  4. Skarclaw

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Geardo virgin gets DESTROYED by speedsofter chad @ Erebor black ops in Redhill. Taken from this vid https://youtu.be/eVgQHVLPfhY
  5. Skarclaw

    AR AEG Scratch Build

    Negative Airsoft based in reading seems to be the top tsch at the moment.
  6. Skarclaw

    AK sight mounting.

    Generally its easier to pick up the dot when its further back, but the unit itself will take up more space in your vision as RC said. I dont really think theres much in it as theres personal preference and depending on platform only so many places to mount. You could also try one of those mounts that replace the rear sight - that will raise it a bit too. As for neck pain - its an interesting one but i wouldnt say shouldering a rifle is an odd posture and if you find that its inducing neck pain / migraine i think that is a symptom not a cause. Certainly doesn't sound fun! Cheers
  7. Skarclaw

    CQB/Urban/FIBUA in the south

    They put on a good day - some questionable choices as to where to put spawn points but i've not had a bad day yet. I also need to check out sentinal's The Outpost - formely x-site. I thought it closed and forgot about it!
  8. Skarclaw

    CQB/Urban/FIBUA in the south

    My interpretation of zed adventures is that they announced a change of ownership and dropped a teaser for the new site. These things take time to sort out so i'm not overly concerned but we'll see!
  9. Skarclaw

    CQB/Urban/FIBUA in the south

    Time for a bump! For reasons not fully understood I attended a testing day at a new CQB/Urban site near Redhill. I dunno how much I can say but its a training facility built with a government grant to train security, emergency responders and so forth. Essientially its a model town centre built in a 17,000 sq/ft warehouse. Lots of it are two storeys. There are sound effects and lighting options. A guy who i skirmished with said it was 4x the size of bunker51, if that helps. I think another game will be held in August with more people (we played 4v4) and more details will be forthcoming. Deffo one to watch! Otherwise as people may have seen Zed Adventures will be announcing details of a CQB site near Reading. UCAP are working on a site related to the former bramley hall police training centre. Looks like they plan to use this for Friday evening games and some battle/mil sims.
  10. Skarclaw

    58th Shizuoka Hobby Show Tokyo Marui Products

    Yea thats what i meant - it was the first regular AEG lmg and this is the first NGRS LMG. I'm not trying to shill for TM on this one but i dont think its as simple as getting measurements from g&p and just investing in some new features - for example they claim the recoil is twice as strong as the m4. But we'll see!
  11. Skarclaw

    Alpha-Tec Closed?

    That AG40 looks great. I've been interested in gr20 but i can only seem to find them for sale second hand and i can't really justify the cost of the charges over a 9mm blank.
  12. Skarclaw

    58th Shizuoka Hobby Show Tokyo Marui Products

    Its deffo one to watch - i can imagine eagle6 managing customers expectations. I think £1k is reasonable - the CA m249 was about £800-900 when it came out iirc. Cant help but think that this will have fairly low sales and that the tech isn't as transferrable as it is say the M4 ngrs?,which was followed up with the 416, mk18 etc. Might this be the first and last of its kind?
  13. Skarclaw

    58th Shizuoka Hobby Show Tokyo Marui Products

    I might be slow on this but eagle6 has the mk46 up for pre-orders. £600 deposit, estimated price between £1-2k.
  14. Skarclaw

    PTS licenced MAWL

    I hope it had all of these features at a lower power, red laser instead of green. Looks like a cool bit of kit for sure.
  15. Skarclaw

    Impact Grenade Pouches?

    I use the warrior 40mm doubles and they work fine but not much help if you only want one! Thinking about replacing them with HWHolster's kydex ones - but they might not be what you're after.

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