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  1. Leapers makes the rail. Its a very tight fit and had to be tapped into place with a rubber mallet. One of the holes was a bit off as well, but was easily solved with a drill by widening the hole.
  2. No I didn't, when I put it on I didn't know the damn thing came off, so I tried to remove the HK one, and it'll tear apart if I do that. So I guess I have to leave as is, I know it's a little lifted in some parts.
  3. Converted my G39c Full size G36 with K barrel and AG36 launcher, flat top carry handle, and Acog 4x replica with Docter sight.
  4. I am using the stock bucking/nub as well as using KSC.30's with the gun. Accuracy is outstanding.
  5. I had mine slung with my 1 point SOG sling on sunday. Worked like a charm and I even transitioned and everything. In fact, I dove into a bush, slammed the gun on the ground which in turn hit my chin, and it still performed flawlessly.
  6. Quick question to you all. Gun shoots great and I really like it, however I have noticed one thing. On the second to the last shot of my mag, I noticed it sounds much different from the rest of the shots, like it isn't as powerful (recoil wise) as the others. I don't know why this is, but I have noticed it. Does anyone else have this problem? What causes this? Thanks.
  7. Just got my G39c in the mail. Man I am in love, this gun is solid as a rock. It overhops .25's a bit right now, but I will be picking up some .28's asap for it.
  8. I don't have a WE, but I did have a kjw m4 that was having the same problem. My problem was caused by a foreign object that lodged itself under the sear/selector. An oring blew off my nozzle and landed under there, perhaps that could be your problem to.
  9. Anakchan, back on page 6 you posted a picture of your G39c with an eotech 553. When I saw it I fell in love and that was the deciding factor of me getting a WE G39c over another armalite. I hope you don't mind, but I ordered a black 553 as well
  10. Had a major failure today. The tabs on my upper receiver broke off from normal shooting, now my gun won't stay closed. Anyways, I am about to start my new career, so airsofting may not be in my future. I plan to sell everything KJW GBBR related and just buy an aeg to have when I need it. If you want anything let me know. Will post my for sale thread soon.
  11. Darn, can't believe I missed that, thanks weekenny.
  12. Correct, but being a douche bag while exercising your 1st amendment rights really won't get anyone to agree with your opinion. All I am saying is let the guy do what he wants to his gun. I changed my dust cover on my kjw m4, are you going to b*tch at me too? Snoopy: What was the temperature outside when you were using duster gas?
  13. WA dust covers will fit with minor filing. I have one of the America F**K yeah! dust covers on my KJW. To Andrew, chill out. Airsoft is a fashion statement for a large part of the airsoft community. If no one cared what their gear or weapons looked like, then we wouldn't have people putting together Seal, MFR, and other Spec ops. kits. If he wants a different dust cover then so be it, it's his gun. If he wants the entire kjw m4 to be pink with purple polka dots, then let him. Who are you to jump down someone's throat because they want to change the dust cover on their weapon. Very, very i
  14. Did you check the O-ring on the floating valve? I was having bad gas consumption yesterday because the O-ring on my velocity reducer broke off.
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