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  1. Thanks prodigy, I literally don't have a penny to spend on anything at the moment, but have plenty of bits and bobs to try and mod it. JM360, I feel the problem with your method is that the piece of plastic, if it came loose, which it has a very good chance of doing with all of the vibrations the gun undergoes, it can fall out of the valve. The 7mm bushing has the advantage of not beingable to fall out of the valve and isn't attached to anything.
  2. The Chef: I'm trying to decide whether to use a 7mm bushing inside the nozzle or to add some extra thread and the locking nut method you describe. How many rounds have you put through your m4 with this variable nozzle method? Does it appear to be holding up to the stress of skirmishes? Did you use threadlock on the locking nut? Any one else had any extended experience using a 7mm bushing inside the nozzle? Can it become dislodged in any way? Cheers for your help.
  3. I give up, I was going to try and read through and find the answer myself, but on page 55 after a couple of days I give up. Does anyone know if using a spacer behind the nozzle ever worked with any degree of success in order to reduce fps? Cheers for any help, or a nod to the right page number.
  4. Love the silencer coming all way down like that. (pictures unquoted)
  5. Fantastic photo, did you take this?
  6. They look fantastic, I am absolutely gutted nonowhere has olive green krylon paint anymore!
  7. A work in progress.......
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