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  1. and you mate I hate facebook so I thought I'd drop in. Where are you buying from nowadays? I've been reminiscing about thr days of buying WA 1911's for 800HKD with no import fees. Elite's gone. hicapahub is a little sparse, and I've no idea where's best to order from abroad.
  2. I'm actually having a little trouble with this kit come to think of it, if anyone can help. Try as I might, switching out leaf springs, hammer springs, etc. I always seem to have one of three problems. 1. The hammer only drops to half cock (AM leaf spring) 2. The trigger works without the grip safety depressed. Regardless of parts, the trigger feels a lot stiffer than I'm used to, rather than a smooth travel to a bite and break, theres resistance at first, like it snags on something. It's been so long since I did any internal tinkering in these ( I'm only
  3. Necro posting to show off one of the last Mike Cripps custom builds. It's had a lot done since then, maybe there's still someone here who appreciates this stuff
  4. Does the KWC function correctly? One thing that put me off the WE models is weird hammer interactions (ie. the gun would only fire after racking the slide, rather than cocking the hammer). One of the reasons I loved the WA's so much was their 'realism' so to speak, in regards to hammer operation, firing at an angle without pissing away all their gas, etc.. I never made the leap to connect the Tsunami to it, must have moved away from WA by that point, still it's sad to hear, Gunsnguys was a great retailer too, but I'm guessing they're gone as well, considering their website times out nowada
  5. I live in Leeds and found out that WE 1911s are essentially useless for 3/4s of the year. Even my Armorer Works Hi-Capa struggles to fire off a full magazine! But yeah, it looks a lot nicer in black thats for sure.
  6. May as well post my latest aquisition. Not a massive fan of the colouring, but the design is great, 3D printed grip is surprisingly good, sights are great too, hopefully they'll put out another model in black at some point.
  7. Those prices though, most places they seem to be around $300+ I remember ordering them 2 at a time from GunsnGuys for half that. how things have changed.
  8. Wolfgeorge you make me so sad to have sold my WA's. My Marui's definitely skirmish better, but they're not as much fun that's for sure. Are WA still producing? I'd do anything to get my Bob Chow and Raptor back..
  9. Should a Cone barrel (Hi-Capa style) fit a (guarder) m1911a1 slide? I'm trying to franken up a project 1911 and it's occasionally catching about 10mm before it enters battery. Also catches when stripping the slide.. Cheers.
  10. Would look great with those black bb's in the clear shell. I'm really considering picking one of these up..
  11. Man, I remember buying Maruzens for the fun factor and having the mechanism die after a couple hundred racks. That SAI 870 is basically my dream shotgun, hot damn, gorgeous.
  12. Hey guys, just wondering what mods need to be performed to fit a magpul moe pistol grip to the sopmod? Ta Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. yeah.. I went for the Madbull rail since it was in my price range (120 quid or so).. no fitment required whatsoever, I'll be picking up some locktite tomorrow to get it nice and solid.
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