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  1. Sorry, didn't check your comment till just now. In my old post, the mag was 30, but the tmp mags are now 35 each(sorry, lost my job), and one is brand spanking new, still in box. i have to check, but i believe the 2nd one i have left is missing the bolt hold open, but still works great. it's been about 6 months since i looked at that stuff, so i'll need to pull it all out again and ...

  2. Hello.

    How much are you asking for that KSC TMP mag? The link didn't work in your signature.

    (Sorry, I couldn't find the PM button :P)



  3. I know , right? I guess he really likes his green... not my cup o' tea though. Nice builds... what type of rail system is that on the colt, Gerry?
  4. that's true, the battery could be better, all i was saying is it really doesn't make sense how Dboys was like "Here, have some rail panels and a sling instead of the components to make this a usable gun out of the box." I know i can just buy another battery box and most likely would, but i don't feel that i should have to, especially when the 2 other versions produced by them come with a DBAL & battery. Don't mind me, I'm just being bitter and complainey.
  5. i just think it's a bummer that the engraved version does not come with the DBAL or battery.
  6. skippy, where did you order yours from?
  7. uscmCorps, how much did that EBR run you? just curious, since i have several individuals who would be interested in those.
  8. Link to my buddies pics of his Dboys KAC PDW, ordered from RSOV. It seems like they just lazily dip the gun in orange paint. even the rails had a tiny bit of orange on them. it's kinda funny when it's an 8" barrel and 4" of it are orange. I have heard that RSOV does this with all their guns when shipping to the US. another friend just got a WE GBB Scar from them and everything up to the front of the rails was completely orange, including the entire front sight. I guess that's their version of Hi-viz sights... ebaybanned does not even paint theirs, and i have not heard of any
  9. Nice review! Does the provided Mag feed ok? Some people have said they had problems with it.
  10. PianoBlack, i'm a sucker for M14's. Very nice, love it. Also, 100th Post!
  11. that MG3 is frakking awesome!
  12. wow, shiny.... nice replica.
  13. Great stuff, everyone. Looks awesome.
  14. skapunkninja, did you build the whole m41a body kit, or is it a spiffed-up G&P kit?
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