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  1. Problem is, I never fired the gun. Not holding companies like this accountable does nothing but help them get away with this type of BS. I know sometimes things happen, but its how the company handles the situation that makes them stand out from others. I have no confidence in KWA anymore after this.
  2. After dealing with KWA..I will never purchase anything from them again. After a 3 month long wait on a part, for a gun that broke 10 min after opening the box I finally had the "priveledge" of PURCHASING the part. Thanks to KWA for their stellar customer service, instead of taking care of the customer after a long, brutal, and frustrating wait of having to chase after them for the part. Not once ever updating me on the status, or even telling me when it came in. Each week I had to take time out to update my ticket asking about the part. Each time was told in a few weeks. Wasting more of my
  3. I wish I could use mine. Its been over a month now since getting it, when it broke on day one. Contacted KWA December 26th and getting no help from them. All I get are excuses about them not having replacement parts from factory. Im glad I didn't send my gun in when they first asked, otherwise it would still be sitting in their repair center 4 weeks later. Very disappointed in their customer service. I think I've been very patient with them. This really is unacceptable. Don't break your gun anytime soon and expect the warranty to fix it.
  4. Yep, followed them exactly. I didn't even get any BB's thru it yet. Just loaded with gas to dry fire since I was inside and couldn't shoot it yet. Figured I would just mount the flashlight.
  5. I just got mine today. Wanted to put my flashlight in, so started to disassemble. While pulling out my bolt carrier assembly the front part of the bolt nozzle snapped off. I follwoed the instructions I thought perfectly, and didnt yank it out. Now doesn't create a seal to hold the pressure. Contacted KWA, and told them exactly what part number it is that I need, took pictures, and they still want me to send the whole gun in. Makes no sense.
  6. Just found this thread... Got this over a year ago:
  7. My Christmas present to myself With a suppressor: http://www.ggkthnx.com/upload/~off/images/DSC_0029.JPG
  8. I kind of used magic.. Pulled out my private parts magwell, and will a slight modification to the pin hole was able to fit it on. Feeds fine, but pmags are a little hard to put in. Have to hold the mag release to seat them properly.
  9. That's what I get for putting it on too fast. Fixed...no one saw NOTHING!!
  10. This thread needs some love! Tactical Roni with Glock 19:
  11. Some horrible pictures due to it being night time. Just got this in today. TM Glock 17: KSC Glock 18c:
  12. Just ordered a Tactical Roni kit for my glock from UN Co...

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