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  1. Sonny


    Problem is, I never fired the gun. Not holding companies like this accountable does nothing but help them get away with this type of BS. I know sometimes things happen, but its how the company handles the situation that makes them stand out from others. I have no confidence in KWA anymore after this.
  2. Sonny


    After dealing with KWA..I will never purchase anything from them again. After a 3 month long wait on a part, for a gun that broke 10 min after opening the box I finally had the "priveledge" of PURCHASING the part. Thanks to KWA for their stellar customer service, instead of taking care of the customer after a long, brutal, and frustrating wait of having to chase after them for the part. Not once ever updating me on the status, or even telling me when it came in. Each week I had to take time out to update my ticket asking about the part. Each time was told in a few weeks. Wasting more of my time, while a brand new gun sat on my desk like a $325+ paperweight. Finally when the part comes in...I'm told my gun is no longer in warranty because its passed its 45 day period, and I took the orange tip off. Mind you...I had to scrape the orange off to be able to even put the flashhider cover on. Plus its not completely off, nor painted over. The orange paint was too thick to put cover on. Thankfully, the part is ONLY $18, but it's the principle that the gun should have been working from day one, not costing me MORE money to have what I payed for in the first place. KWA also feels they did me a great FAVOR for getting the part in the first place. So here's a warning to all...never buy a pre-order item from KWA ever! They will not have any parts for it if it turns out to be a lemon. If your gun breaks, it will sit there for 3-6 months until they finally get parts from the factory, and that comes directly from their mouth. They will apologize and apologize, but when it comes to actually giving good customer service...they fail.
  3. Sonny


    I wish I could use mine. Its been over a month now since getting it, when it broke on day one. Contacted KWA December 26th and getting no help from them. All I get are excuses about them not having replacement parts from factory. Im glad I didn't send my gun in when they first asked, otherwise it would still be sitting in their repair center 4 weeks later. Very disappointed in their customer service. I think I've been very patient with them. This really is unacceptable. Don't break your gun anytime soon and expect the warranty to fix it.
  4. Sonny


    Yep, followed them exactly. I didn't even get any BB's thru it yet. Just loaded with gas to dry fire since I was inside and couldn't shoot it yet. Figured I would just mount the flashlight.
  5. Sonny


    I just got mine today. Wanted to put my flashlight in, so started to disassemble. While pulling out my bolt carrier assembly the front part of the bolt nozzle snapped off. I follwoed the instructions I thought perfectly, and didnt yank it out. Now doesn't create a seal to hold the pressure. Contacted KWA, and told them exactly what part number it is that I need, took pictures, and they still want me to send the whole gun in. Makes no sense.
  6. Sonny

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    My Christmas present to myself With a suppressor: http://www.ggkthnx.com/upload/~off/images/DSC_0029.JPG
  7. Sonny

    Glock Picture Thread

    Some horrible pictures due to it being night time. Just got this in today. TM Glock 17: KSC Glock 18c:
  8. Sonny

    1911 Picture Thread

    Here is a mini review real quick for you with some more pictures, including one without the rail http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...howtopic=174287
  9. Sonny

    1911 Picture Thread

    Just got this in the mail
  10. Sonny

    1911 Picture Thread

    Punky you're building quite the pistol collection there! Does that 1911 have trades on the other side? Im assuming its the WE? Any cool down issues?
  11. Sonny

    SMG Picture Thread

    Woooohoo got my MP9 today!
  12. Sonny

    G&P GBB M4A1 family

    I'll look into those speed buffers, thanks.
  13. Sonny

    G&P GBB M4A1 family

    Cock back the bolt, and put it on safe then insert the mag. Just wanted to note, when I changed out my buffer tube for an ACM UBR I ran into an issue. Since the buffer tube is longer then the standard, the spring would not push back the bolt enough when it blew back. Which caused the bolt to get stuck between the buffer tube and the rim of the receiver. Had to put a spacer in the buffer tube to prevent this. Might order a higher spring to stop it as well. When the bolt was stuck I had to stick a screw driver down the very back of the buffer tube to push the bolt forward as it was preventing me from even opening the receiver up.
  14. Sonny

    Pics of your Gear

    I got this sorta as an impluse buy. It was only like $60, so I didnt really care. Bought it to match the Crye all black loadout posted previous. At first I couldnt get the damm thing on it was too small. I had to adjust it all the way to the largest size, and take out the inner pads. Now it fits, kind of snug. Its perfect for smaller framed people. Front pouch is just a cheap Condor. Ill have my GF take a picture of me wearing it when she has off next.
  15. Sonny

    Pics of your Gear

    Mysl1 that looks great! The cummberbund on the RAV looks to be a little loose however. The shirt looks like it came out very well. lol I was thinking of bugging my mom to do the same the next time she visits.

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