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  1. Slightly bemused by new forums.

  2. Posting junk purely to reach 100 posts WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

  3. You have the same IP as a known scammer on other forums.

    You are selling the same items you are accused of stealing on another forum.

    I'd advise everybody to avoid trading with this person until the matter is resolved.

  4. You are spamming the trade threads, offering your guns for trade, in an unacceptable manner. STOP IT.

  5. Excellent advice and you obviously took the trouble to investigate what the problem was. Many thanks. Much appresiated.

  6. Top fella who organises terrific MA events for all us old farts....

    ... then gets in the way while we're shooting at each other. :P

  7. It's sometimes difficult for people to grasp that the bad guys CAN sometimes be right. Keep telling people that UKARA did the right thing and.... erm, nobody will listen.

  8. The average IQ on Arnies goes up noticeably every time this guy posts.

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