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  1. simple and looks very authentic because of it, awesome.
  2. Yeah man, I saw the ones in the painted wep's section, and the gear section. Great stuff. +1 is definatly in order.
  3. Thanks, I too was looking at a weesatch in Multi. It was that or a Warlord.
  4. I'D Love to see that rifle totally finished. great paint job.
  5. I think you did a great job painting that rifle. And I think the reason it looks a bit glossy is because of the gradients that are found in the real pattern. a gradient is when two colors slowly blend together next to eachother It is almost impossible to hand paint a gradient into your rifle, so thats about the best it gets. Cheers on that paintjob.
  6. Nice pic and loadout, but doesn't your sling worn in that position bother your neck?
  7. I have a HSG Warlord v4 in multicam but I dont have it on. The main reason is I haven't had the funds to get some multicam pouches for it... rendering it useless for the time being. Darn jobs....
  8. Some random shots from our little practice game. (My Woods/Backyard) G&G GR-16 R5 Multicam BDU/Boonie ELCS
  9. The expressions on your faces are priceless. they fit so well with eachother. Killtokk, great bit of kit there. Not to mention the extreme "guns" in the pic... no not the g36 or armalite
  10. Great pics havoc. This thread really needs a sticky.
  11. Purely amazing, your pants blend so well with the background that it hurt my eyes.
  12. This is kind of offtopic but I guess it goes in here too... What is the cumulative post countings for your group ranks? Aka "Newbie", "Regular poster" Etc...
  13. Simple and to the point, Great look.
  14. Question, What technique did you use to paint those snipers? Its almost scary how your L96 matches your ghillie...
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