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  1. New upper and lowers coming from Laylax… http://www.popularairsoft.com/news/cerakote-de-receivers-tm-m4-negs It has been a while since I've tinkered with my SOPMOD, I might have to get a set. I can't read the Japanese Laylax site the story links to but I'm assuming they come in other colours as well as the Magpul approved Dark Earth.
  2. Damn. Just as I had decided I was happy with my recoil gun and the upgrade cravings had settled down... and now you've show me that link. Must resist - but a new reciever would make me the best airsofter that has ever lived.
  3. It *might* sort itself out if you allow the gun to completely dry out at room temperature for a couple of days (without the battery connected). But if I were you I'd contact BTC and ask for their advice. The customer service they offer is excellent and I'm sure they'll do everything they can to help. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that they saw your initial post and messaged you straight away.
  4. There are other manufacturers who make alternatives. Search for 'barrel base' on Fire Support and a few options come up.
  5. I got a tan M&P9 a couple of days ago and I'm really impressed with the gun. The finish on the slide, the V-Tac sights, the rubberised grips, the handling, the feel - it's perfect. I've only plinked with it so far but it feels like a typical Marui pistol so I'm confident it'll perform well and prove to be reliable. I hadn't previously read that the tan pistol comes with an extra tan mag bumper, so that was a cool surprise. Also, I followed the recommendation of Bovinedog and bought a Warrior Universal Holster. Very impressed. The body of the holster is fabric but it's very stiff onc
  6. Now that looks very cool. A UK retailer or from HK?
  7. I'm not sure that a gearbox jam would cause the trigger to be stiff - wouldn't that need something to be obstructing the trigger pull in some way? Something do to with the selector plate being out of position?
  8. It's not essential at all, but you will get a small fps boost - 5-10fps.
  9. A new upper board arrived from BTC yesterday and once fitted my problem was resolved. Thank you again to Frank for his help. Don't repeat my dumb mistake, discharge yourself of static before and during installation of the Spectre. BTC have shown the best customer service you could imagine and I'm very grateful, but it has still meant stripping down the gun again which is always a chore. Now it is working my first impressions of the Spectre are very positive. The trigger is snappy and crisp - definitely comparable to my PTW.
  10. I had to heat it before it would budge. That thing nearly gave me a nervous breakdown.
  11. Wow - excellent customer service from Frank at BTC. He thinks the upper board has been damaged by static during installation, which is entirely possible as I have sausage fingers and the brain of a caveman. Frank has gone above and beyond to get the problem fixed as quickly as possible, no fuss or excuses. If only every company in airsoft were that good. I'll update as soon as I can but in the meantime a big public thanks to BTC, and remember to be careful with those circuit boards. Maybe I should Google 'how to discharge static electricity' before the next installation…
  12. I have recently installed a Next-Gen Spectre into my SOPMOD and I'm having a problem that I'm hoping someone might be able to help with… As soon as I connect the battery, irrespective of whether the trigger is pressed or not, the gun fires in full-auto until I pull the plugs apart again. The fire-selector can be set to any position, nothing makes a difference. It's as if the battery is wired straight to the motor. I've had the gear-box apart again and can't see any obvious problems. All the relevant parts (trigger, sector gear/cut-off cam, selector plate, empty mag thingy) all seem to
  13. I'm in the same position, completely spoilt for choice with all the great Marui pistols on offer. Additionally I've got the XDM on my list. In the end I think I'll end up choosing based upon which pistol I can get a Safariland holster for.
  14. ...and sold out! Hope you got your order in if you wanted one.
  15. Same here. Can't really afford it this month but I've been waiting for over a year and who knows when the next batch will be ready?
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