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  1. No, not odd at all. Please post the comics section next. Thank you very much.
  2. Good news: Following the video, I polished both surfaces of the trigger assembly to a mirror finish, applied a drop of ceramic grease to them and bent the ends of the transfer rod. Trigger pull is now light and crisp. Yeah!!! Bad news: 3 of my 4 mags leak. Not from the square end but from the back of the brass cover that houses the outlet valve. Still trying to figure it out. Anybody here fixed it? Sigh.....
  3. I was able to remove the nozzle but could not remove the flute valve from within the nozzle. ETA: Or does the flute valve come out through the front of the nozzle? Just have to remove the cross pin?
  4. If the trigger pack placed in front of you, hammer on the left, the 'lever' is on the right. There's only one piece that you can push/pull down and it springs back into position.
  5. I found the way to drop the hammer fully when out of the gun. There's a 'lever' that you have to push down, located on the front right hand side of the trigger pack and lets the hammer drop fully.
  6. Update: Some, somewhat, good news. I took out the gun and magazine from the hardcase, topped up the mags and left it all in my living room overnight. Today during lunchtime, I test fired the gun and everything worked fine again until the second mag and the low power problem appeared again.Took apart the barrel/hopup assembly, bolt and nozzle and trigger pack. Inspected all of it and found nothing out of the ordinary. As Dan had mentioned, the flute valve might be sticking, so I gently took a jewelers screwdriver and pushed at the flute valve and it was able to move and spring back in
  7. Will update after a complete teardown and inspection. Probably tomorrow morning. Still feeling disappointed after yesterday.
  8. 1. the exact same bottle of gas that I had used for the gas efficiency test as it was till more than half full. 2. Did not do any chrono immediately as I had a backup gun and wanted to play instead of tinkering with it. The gun was firing fine up to 40+ meters 2 days before and hop up was fine. 3. It did it on the first shot on every mag I had; all topped up with Top Gas/GG
  9. Yes, it did but almost all subsequent shots were double feed. I'll check it thoroughly tonight or tomorrow morning. Still feeling disappointed to do anything about it. Thanks.
  10. I had a very disappointing day yesterday trying to field the P90 for the first time after all the preparation and test shooting I had done the week before sighting in and all. Packed up the P90 and 4 mags in a hard case and set it aside Saturday night. Woke up Sunday morning and went to the game site, got prepared for everything and topped up the mags; none were leaking as there was only an instant of flow noise and then stopped. However, did not test fire. Just loaded up the mags on my vest and headed out. Once in the site, inserted the mag, pulled back the cocking handle and fired a
  11. Not sure if it was full or not, I charged it until the flow noise stopped. Set it aside for 10 minutes before shooting test.
  12. I'm getting about 150 rounds full power, 151-175 visibly getting weaker, shots landing nearer and stopped my test. 26C, 0.25g, Top Gas.
  13. Me too. Couldn't figure out neither.
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