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  1. My Japanese is weak-sauce … but is this a listing for the Detonator TM M&P 9 Slide? http://www.enten.co.jp/DET-SL-MP902BK.html
  2. Thanks for posting these safety removal tips. The only thing stopping me from buying the TM M&P 9 is the safety. I don't need them on my real striker fired guns and I don't need them on my Airsoft.
  3. So is it possible to remove both left and right safeties with a hole remaining on either side but the gun still functional?
  4. Shorty spring is 39.2cm / 15.5" 27 full coils plus a couple end coils on either end.
  5. Got my APS shorty sample today. Gotta say it's pretty impressive. I'm wondering if the ToySoldier breaching shell stickers will work with the APS: http://www.toysoldier.com.hk/product_details.php?pid=1005
  6. I've told a couple of the reps my opinion. They just shrug and say in order to keep the gun cost low, parts will break. They expect people will have to replace them regularly.
  7. They sold 250 initially and then another 100 in the months after. They've sold a few more since then but not in significant numbers. They're trying to figure out how to market the gun. The configurations so far haven't been popular. They've just released another variant with top folding stock. And there will be one or two more accessories in the coming months. If sales continue to be poor I just can't see them sustaining continued production and further development of the platform. One suggestion I would have for them is to start releasing versions geared to the 3Gun industry as there'd be
  8. He hasn't had to buy anything in a long long time.
  9. I'm getting a AP CAM870 Shorty sample from APS to test out. Very curious to see how it fairs after some T&E.
  10. I wonder if it's compatible with my OG GWS-Bizon … ?
  11. The "Stainless" markings used to be on some M&Ps but I think they no longer have that. I have it on half my RS M&Ps. The "capable of firing when magazine is removed" is present on all M&Ps accept those in restricted states such as CA. Again, half my M&Ps have that, the other half don't. The TM base plate is based off the RS gen 1 base plates which required an internal metal base bad retention plate. A couple years back S&W switched to a plastic base pad retention plate which necessitated changing the base pad itself to the version you have. Both worked equally well,
  12. What the ... They make 5" slide kits now??? For which system? As much as I like the M&P gun (I have 7-8 real ones including two Costa versions) I really wish more Airsoft manufacturers would make the non-blinged out style ATEi slides like my primary M&P which has serrations along the entire top and front side serrations, and no slide cut outs.
  13. No pics of the new one I sent ya!?!!
  14. Oh wow. Did Nova post about slides for the TM?
  15. Definitely getting one. I wonder if the safety can be removed and permanently set to kill.
  16. Fortunately the pin should be cheap to replace.
  17. The problem with getting aftermarket manufacturers on board depends on overall sales. In total APS have sold less than 400 shotguns. For any aftermarket manufacturer, the MOQ in asia these days is over 1000 units. If only 400 shotguns have been sold, the chances of any manufacturer being able to sell off an initial run of aftermarket parts is not strong. Which is a shame since this platform has a lot of potential. But as others have pointed out, it has some weak components that have led to a few reports of breakages. I am still very interested in getting one regardless. Though whether or not a
  18. that came out great. How did you go about doing your edge lines.
  19. It's nice. Though mounting an ace 1 arms power up suppressor doesn't seem to work. Too front end heavy.
  20. Chris, that came out awesome! Is the engraving a machine engraving or laser engraving? Looks like a gun I'd use.
  21. Agreed. I'm really glad I had them make me a set of each without them. It just garners too much hate. I know Chris. I trained with him several times over the years and he's a great instructor. But I don't particularly want his logo on my guns. XTRAXN was something internal on the real gun and quite frankly a gimmick with no discernible benefit as far as I can tell from my two real PredatARs. But the real one had that engraving and I was pleased to see they replicated it. The rails are far from perfect, but they're relatively well built and look good enough to pass at a cursory glance. They
  22. Here's some pics of a couple PredatAR replicas I picked up during my last trip to HK. The replicas are made by HeroArms, a local retailer that doesn't currently have a website. The bodies are OEM'ed for them by King Arms, the internals are all OEM'ed by G&P and the front end from the custom barrel nut forwards is made in house by HeroArms. A decent replica, though not 100% accurate. But very nice nonetheless. EhobbyAsia is currently selling them at a considerable price hike. In store at HeroArms they were listed ~HK$3,300. Not sure if that price still stands. For the price HeroArms is sell
  23. Not quite the same quality of pics as the last set, but here's a quick update on the two VFC M&Ps made to look like my ATEi/Boresight M&P. Aside from frame stippling on both, I've added an Angry Gun threaded outer barrel to one of them. Sadly, the Ace 1 Arms replica suppressor is too heavy for the gun.
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