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  1. Wonderful photos Möbius Strip - always impressive. You did a fabulous job with the Nova kits, especially the Inox - really close to the RS, as you'd well know yourself
  2. CZFan, don't go too crazy buying the GunsMod Gen 3 frames until you've time to try one yourself... as they seem to create a larger gap between the front of the slide and the frame.. I'll try and post a couple of comparison photos when I get a chance.. The reinforced rear post ( hammer-mechanism) is nice, but like the GM Zero-hammer I can see this frame going into 'Version 2' etc..
  3. Prime S-Type Glock 17 Utility (Japan Edition) for Marui.
  4. Umarex/VFC H&K HK45CT (Asian Edition) H&K HK45CT and friend....
  5. Commander kit should be due for release shortly, but initial batch will be steel-slide version only. Aluminium kit will follow later...
  6. They were basically sold out the day before the CNY, so only a few online shops had the G17 version still left in stock... A new batch is planned for the near-future though
  7. Non-Ex, They're both similar but I'd go with the original release of the Dark Duke Steel VP9 kit... It's sold out presently with most retailers only having the later Taitan release.... Hopefully someone will bring out a stainless steel version at some stage.... If getting a steel-slide get the AMG valve-knocker and remove the inner rubber O-ring
  8. SIG Sauer P226 Navy SEALs Mk24 & Mk25 (Marui/Prime)
  9. Nova ZEV Glock 17L Dragonfly (Japan Edition)
  10. For the price I'd expect the MSH, Grip-Safety and Hammer to be included
  11. Detonator Aluminum 1911A1 just released in Japan. Includes all steel control parts and barrrel... HK price USD $900 approx. http://www.enten.co.jp/det-ck-14.html
  12. Hey PS, The Papago version will indeed have the full-rail frame also known as advanced....... Yes I saw the Trigger Happy/Detonator steel 1911 kits and spoke with them about it.... The TH 1911A1 now includes the new barrel-link set-up allowing quicker/smoother action and less chance of barrel-chamber wear. Nova have no plans to copy this new system just yet. The TH S70 steel kit was basically made in a very small batch mainly by pre-Orders from people who had bought the 1911A1. They are both very nice kits, but sadly fit into the highest-end price category similar to FPR who've
  13. There are two more M45A1 kits due within the next 6-months.... A full Nova aluminium CNC kit with all control parts included, and a full-steel version w RS grips from Papago Arms.. First up though should be the Colt Series 70 Gold Cup aluminium kit from Nova including competition trigger
  14. Was very tempted to try out the new Guarder Gen 2 style frame, but I just like the Gen 3 style so much more, I might try and pick up one just in case I've a change of heart along the way
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