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  1. we need KSC to make some of the newer HK pistols
  2. This is one of the only photos i've seen with a soldier (don't think he is SF, but i'm no expert) using magpul stuff in iraq, but it looks more like a promotional photo than a real one hehe
  3. We can't just call it "green" we gotta give it some tacticool name. You don't see brown being called brown, we call it coyote brown, its got a ring to it. Foilage green was taken so we can't call it that, how about how about we term it Matte Dark Jungle, MDJ. Its matte, its dark, and it resemble philipine jungles. Excellent name, what do you guys think?
  4. I had both of those styles, and I honestly perferred having the SR16 over the SR15. I dunno why, but I felt like the SR16 shorty was just easier to use all around. It wasn't as bulky either. If I had to compare the 2 costa rifles, I gotta say the SR16 takes my vote. It might not look as good as the SR15, but I felt more comfortable using the SR16 over SR15 (one of the reason I sold it). I look forward to you recieving it tomorrow rws. I hope you have the npas system ready hehe.
  5. Exactly, airsofters follow trends way too much. Take a look at redimags. No one used them until travis did. Titliest- Quick question, what do you honestly think about the "one is one and two is one" saying that us airsofters embrace oh so passionately. I honestly never use my flashlight in a game, I have one, but never use it. I feel it gives away my position, and dazzling people is dangerous.
  6. I'm referring to the airsoft world and not the real world. Most of the games I play are in woodland, and the sensible color would be foilage or od, but most people use FDE instead. I have FDE on my rifle, its a very cool color, but i'm just laughing at the way we all flocked to it when chris costa started using it. I did it because of costa, and i'm pretty sure alot of other people did it too. Which is why i'm saying it is a fad, since now costa is using black, everyone will go back to black. Just a prediction of the future. Not trying to say FDE is useless, and I hope you guys
  7. The FDE fad is out (I always knew it was a "fad"), take a look at costa's SR15. He's gone black, and I don't ever think he'll go back. (is that how the saying goes?) Just go black, I personally perfered black vforegrips with FDE panels. If you go with a FDE vforegrip, I just feel that the FDE is just too overwhelming.
  8. mind posting the picture here or link it
  9. guess black is back, unless he went all fde
  10. I have one of those detachable barrel setups, so I can increment my barrel. Right now it is at a 11.5 inch setup, and the flashinder is partially inside the rail. To attach a silencer i'd have to add another inch to the barrel, but if I do that the barrel will be slightly visable. I don't think G&P's SR15 URX is 1 to 1 replica of the real URX. In this picture of costa's rifle the flashhinder is pretty much flush with the end of the rail and there is no barrel visable, so that means that he either has a custom barrel length setup or the G&P URX is not an exact replica. here i
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