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  1. pforcerecon, I've got a couple of questions for you for your visit I've read that LAPD SWAT is about to move to the crye precision LEO1 combat uniform on multicam black and I wish to know if this is true. And another thing I've read is that they are testing the HK45 to replace the kimber. Thanks!
  2. Now that TM is going to release de 870 Breacher, I will add one to my kit LOL!
  3. Thank you very much! It was a hard work to complete these loadout, but it's worth the effort
  4. Thank you very much pforcerecon! I know that actually, the issued handgun is the kimber with surefire x200/x300 flashlight, but I'm in love with the SF310R combo ;D LOL!! Finally I could say my impression is finished. Now I need to make a good photoshot. Only things to do is add an oaklye assault boots and finish the HK416 with the geiselle rail, magpul afg and D-BAL Enjoy and constructive criticism is welcome! REFPIC's: KITLIST *=REPLICA 1) APPAREL - Training Fatigue: USMC MARPAT DESERT FROG UNIFORM, Magnum Amazon TAN Boots, Belt - Duty Fatigue: Elbeco Transcon
  5. Great loadout extraordinaire! Kitlist?
  6. LAPD SWAT And this one, with fictional caption, LOL
  7. Hey dudes! Here you have a pic from this weekend with a, fictional, caption included LOL
  8. Hi! Another update. As usual, constructive criticism is welcome! DUTY FATIGUE TRAINING FATIGUE KITLIST *=REPLICA 1) APPAREL - Training Fatigue: USMC MARPAT DESERT FROG UNIFORM, Magnum Amazon TAN Boots, Belt - Duty Fatigue: Elbeco Transcon TDU Dark Navy Blue, Tactical Black Boots, BHI Enhanced Duty Belt - Mechanix M-Pact One GEN I - RayBan Sunglasses 2) FIRST LINE - Yates Spec Op's/SWAT Harness - Leatherman SURGE - BHI Double M16 & Flashbang Tight Pouch - CSM Dump Pouch
  9. Mine isn't finished too. I hope to finish it along this month
  10. Thanks whiteknight! Doberguard, very impressive loadout man!
  11. Few more pics updating my WIP... Added to update: *=replica - OPS CORE FAST Ballistic Helmet* - PELTOR ARC RAIL ADAPTER* - TCI LIBERATOR I - TCI PTT - BHI Storm single point sling - HK416* + MAGPUL MBUS - MOTOROLA SABER II Enjoy!!! and constructive criticism is welcome
  12. Here's my actual LAPD SWAT gear, for a 2012-2013 LADP SWAT impression. Pic has a couple of months. Today I've received the FMA FAST Ballistic on Black, with the peltor arc rail adapter for my LIB I. Hope you like it! KITLIST Elbeco-Transcon Tactical Duty Uniform (LAPD ISSUED) BouTactical Gear FAV Mk.II Enhanced replica vest (custom made with cordura 1000D to real deal spec's) Yates Spec Op's/Swat Harness BHI OMEGA gas mask tight pouch BHI OMEGA 2xM16 + FB pouch CSM GEAR Dump pouch HATC Kevlar balaclava Mechanix M-pact One (old gen) Oakley M-Frame BHI Storm sling B
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