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  1. So, is the A&K Mk46 Actually BETTER than the original M249s? or just different parts bolted on?

    1. 3vi1-D4n


      Thought it was the same? The A&K Mk46 still uses the M249 receiver as it still uses the box mag/M16 feed mechanism. It just has extra rail, barrel and sliding stock bolted on.


      One thing though, I never figured the differences in hop up performance between my A&K Para vs my friends MK1 which had a lot of hop fliers, mine is like a laser beam.

    2. ollie_ty


      Thanks for the heads up man.

    3. 3vi1-D4n


      All good. Also recommend a FAB Tpod and get rid of the bipod. I had the pot metal bipod mounts replaced with a steel bipod mount and the bipod wasn't hardened to take the stresses. A FAB/ACM Tpod will though.

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