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    1. Rob15


      Those things are neither rigid or powerfull, it's not often I'd say I'd rather a 3D printer, but I'd rather a 3D printer than that...

  1. Original style G36k Handguards have the bipod mount. EDIT:You can tell by the rib that runs along the bottom of the handguard.
  2. You should DEFINITELY leave it as-is.
  3. Consistently the best gun to show up in this forum. The look is just perfect.
  5. Do other LOWER Receivers fit on G&G M4s? If not, WHY NOT

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    2. M_P


      Might be different due to the blowback feature? Pretty sure G&P ones don't fit.

    3. ollie_ty


      I was assuming the blowback was solely contained in the upper receiver.

    4. M_P


      Sorry, somehow I read lower as upper lol

  6. *fruitcage* the haters, I think its badass mate.
  7. VFC also make one, but it's much dimmer because it only uses a single battery.
  8. So, is the A&K Mk46 Actually BETTER than the original M249s? or just different parts bolted on?

    1. 3vi1-D4n


      Thought it was the same? The A&K Mk46 still uses the M249 receiver as it still uses the box mag/M16 feed mechanism. It just has extra rail, barrel and sliding stock bolted on.


      One thing though, I never figured the differences in hop up performance between my A&K Para vs my friends MK1 which had a lot of hop fliers, mine is like a laser beam.

    2. ollie_ty


      Thanks for the heads up man.

    3. 3vi1-D4n


      All good. Also recommend a FAB Tpod and get rid of the bipod. I had the pot metal bipod mounts replaced with a steel bipod mount and the bipod wasn't hardened to take the stresses. A FAB/ACM Tpod will though.

  9. He overbores it so far his thumb is actually underneath the gun.

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    2. Skarclaw


      down my way its raining combination pizza hut and taco bell

    3. NonEx
    4. ollie_ty


      No, guys...


  11. RS. The red dot is great, I stand by my comments regarding the scope though.
  12. Loosen the windage grub screws completely. You should then be able to turn the scope quite freely, if you look at the front of the scope there should be a slotted section that you can apply a tool such as a screwdriver too.
  13. The Ares Magnified optic is much better than the real one. You can order the Ares tube separately, directly from them.
  14. Sell me your AUG High Cycle Upper Receiver plz

  15. The urge to buy another AUG is taking over my life.

    1. Gunmane


      Once almost got into the AUG fever, but it went away. To handle it if you already have one, just buy lots of stuff for it.

    2. DrAlexanderTobacco


      My wallet is AUGmented.

    3. ollie_ty
  16. Oh it looks awesome like that man. Awesome.
  17. Element one is WAY better. Just don't leave batteries in it as I've had them go bonkers.
  18. Not a fan of the stock, but that rail is very nice.
  19. Check there isn't another thread before you post reviews: http://arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/204461-kwaumarex-hk-usp-tactical-first-impressions/
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