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  1. yeah... roll 5 x D20... rolling 80 to 95 gets something out of stock... 95 to 100... other issue. lol. still... i'll take those odds.
  2. Its my bithday... so bought a couple of straight mags today. and specterdr x1 x4 yesday. and also my last two pistol customs. Mags from TMC. ;D FC
  3. yes, you need to dremel of any grip the curves back towards the stock to make it fit. no, there are no alternative stock tubes, without a degree in engineering and some heavy machinery. only stocks that would slide on the current stock tube will fit. and lastly I have to admit, the mags suck. the seal area is just to small. went to game on Saturday, had five mags at the set up area, by the time i got to the start of the first game I was down to one mag. all 4 others blew... ether reloading, idle in the pouch or in the gun. still i had an orsome games with the 1 mag scoring
  4. Yes it is. It's a little dim inside, but quite bright outdoors. Can use it anywhere on the rail, back, mid, or forward, with both eyes open. Easy to zero adjust, and changing polarization is a nice trick, not sure if I would use it though. Only thing I've found in 3 years that works perfectly with a 4 x zoom, Little expensive as I'm a budget soflter. But best red dot i've ever used! =D FC
  5. comes with 3 rail covers and rail mounted iron sights. Pros easy accessible hop-up lock back on empty accurate built in 14mm - barrel thread Cons mag look, capacity and availability. eg: I is awaiting on the long mags. collapsed stock grip area bit tight for big hands. although I've already swamped out my stock, even with the original stock, its tight to use with it collapsed. FPS does fluctuate quite a lot from 380 to 420, but it is winter here. was using .2's today with a little movement. next outing I'll try it with .3's and maybe redgas FC
  6. took it for a spin today and loved it. everything i shot at... took there hits. once i get some long mags this will be my primary. and next shooting comp i will be using this. only negatives, would be the stock collapse can interfere with the grip. and the mag makes it look like a $10 springer. other than that. Love it! =D FC
  7. will give it a better review after a few more outings. picked one up last night from ehobby. went home and played.... barbie. how do you want it.... =P
  8. I was told first production will be exported to Europe, US, and Japan. second production a month later will go to HK. but someone else told me they would be liberating a few boxs. its a case of wait and see it guess. I got to cope a feel of one yesterday. Its nice! i have an A&K version and are happy with it. but the ACR is an improvement in the knobs and buttons. and 2 to 3 times the price. still.... good stuff! apparently... next Wednesday is the special day. FC
  9. I almost completed mine. looks sweet. got mine and a wood kit from ehobbyasia and a used a the ics ak scope mount and a spider scope. the wood stock needed a little work to fit but wasn't hard. only thing thats missing is a ak stock butt plate to protect the wood. oh and a and lesser power spring. or i might just dig up a old TM spring and give it a pull...lol. its great the spring change is a 2 min job. taking it for its first spin this sunday... pending typoon. will get some in game pics.
  10. well... i be ol schol. i been doing this lark since... aye... i probably been in a forest somewhere, staining my pants under assault, well before... most of you were staining your nappy's. the gears not that noob... is it? true spec tigers,... ok i have a ninja t-shirt... boots are a cross between a tennis shoe and a ballet booty. ok i guess i do look a little rough around the edges. i have no sights on my pistol its instinctive to not aim have half a dozen bdu's and i bet i probably look funky in most. but i bet i can sneak up behind you and slap you up side the h
  11. under-slung grenade launcher.. lol. FC
  12. this is a trade in m4a1 that i liberated and remodel. didn't want to have to many instaltion hassles, so just got new delta, end cap, gas tube, vltor sight, and 3 piece aeg or gbb barrel. barrels 15inch... 17 with muzzle. shooting 390 fps I left the gearbox stock. will probably at a rail raiser for the scope as it is a little low for bolle. and maybe a moe pistol grip. before you ask... its a camera. FC
  13. sunday... first outing with my long moe and short & nasty. was a slow start to the morning, but by afternoon the long moe proved Worthy hitting a 1 inch gap between tires at 15m to get several frags. and about 30 hits on a zombie at 20m made my day. and short & nasty finally lost its virginity to a female in the following seconds. count the holes la... FC
  14. had to try on a dress... will ship anywhere... extra $5 for with a dress. FC
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