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  1. yea it cool, duno how accurate it is yet, probably not very lol. only bought it as abit of souvenier for GZ 09, and cos it looked cool haha. probz wont get used very much in the field. paid £35 for it.
  2. hi chaps, first post for like a year lol. bought a cool scope/ something at the groundzero weekender. wondered if anyone knows what it is? scuse the shoddy pics, i'll get better ones in natural light.
  3. looks better than a standard spetspez tbh.
  4. sweet. Cool G-ford, im in fleet, very close.
  5. Nice ak's everyone, havent had a chance to buy a new one yet. Heres how my TM ak looks nowadays.
  6. My TM ak........ again. Its got a romy stock, element body, dboys cover and selector switch, RS upper handgaurd and "landforce" lower. Turned out pretty well I think. If your wondering why there is ducktape on the gas block, its because I ovalised the hole on the outerbarrel so the screw jst falls out.
  7. Nice, I like the fact they've gone back to the old interface, makes viewing pics alot easier.
  8. @ MP666, ive already got AIMS foregrips for it, i just prefur normal ones
  9. @ whitedingo Try cutting the ends off nails, and sticking them in the holes, works a treat.
  10. Wow ancorp thats awesome! how did you get the body and cover like that? I must make my ak look like that
  11. @emptychambers same thing happened to me. I just put the bit back in that broke off, and used a strip of ducktape to hold it there. that is untill the whole stock came off.
  12. Nice, what mag are you using in the full sized ak74?
  13. loose the muzzle brake and it's a winner. Love the wood ,G&P?
  14. I like it, how much did the scope set you back?
  15. Swap round of grips, lost the akm break. fancied abit of a change home made vented upper
  16. Nice as allways jebus! J3T - Lovely pic, looks great ( hope your kalash lasts longer than mine) It currently has no stock or bolt. But will be getting a RMW ak74 kit when I can afford it. Anyone have a bad experiance with a RMW / inokatsu kit?
  17. Most reliable airsoft gun i've ever had. Pwns Dboys ak74s
  18. puding love them! what brand is your aks74n?
  19. I would take a TM ak47 over a dboys....... My tm ak is a God, Dboys didnt last 3 skirmishes. I'll probably end up getting a RMW kit for the dboys gearbox. I'd like a VFC but there so damn expensive.
  20. ZOMG there can't possibly be more than one great manufactorer of ak's!
  21. lol. VFC / Dboys FTW. ( all credit to vfc for designing the best airsoft ak's to date) (IMO) Can't wait for pics of your AKMS sammyc.
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