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    Pancho Villa wannabe
  • Birthday 09/26/1987

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  • Airsofter since
    December, 2003 (yes, another christmas gun)
  • Toy collection
    Guns owned: *=no longer in possession/sold
    in chronological order
    Tokyo Marui SR-16*
    KWA Glock 18c*
    Tokyo Marui AK-47s
    Tokyo Marui MP5-RAS*
    KWA M11a1
    Tanaka M700 *
    Tanio Koba USP*
    KSC Mk23 HW*

    Dream Guns:
    Asahi Bushmaster
    MGC P7
    WA SCW single stack infinity
    Tanaka SAA
    Marushin Mauser M712

    and a host of others...
  • Most likely to say
    "son of a *badgeress*, i'll do it!"
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    United States

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    Centreville, VA, USA
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    airsoft, trap shooting, IPSC shooting, real steel, military history, writing, and a bunch of stuff.

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