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  1. Holy testicicles, he lives!

  2. oh hi!

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    2. Samm


      Annoys me I never get notification emails anymore and my memory is terrible.

      Still can't understand how you seem to be the only active mod 😆

    3. Skarclaw


      @hitmanNo2is also still out here deleting spam posts. We are also very good friends IRL now and airsoft together maybe once every 3 weeks on average-ish . how are you?

    4. hitmanNo2


      Yup.  Still here.  Removing spam on a semi frequent basis.  Shout out to @sandstormfor his diligent spam reporting.

  3. Agreed that the situation has been handled badly, but what exactly are you hoping to gain from contacting Trading Standards? It's a unique case as I imagine an engraved item would count as used. How exactly did you order two, was it just human error, website faulty or badly designed?
  4. Did you go for the potassium nitrate process of blueing?
  5. Keep getting weird hangs at different times of day, had one about half an hour ago and one at 9.30 this morning. During this time a page simply won't load, it simply stays on "Loading page..." and doesn't even time out! It's not a big one, more a lesson in patience but I presume it's not meant to be happening. EDIT: Just had another one, Firefox crashed this time on the hang (first time that's happened), now I'm starting to suspect that I may be having client side issues too but only on this site. Possible incompatability with my browser and the forum software?
  6. Seems to be a bit on and off over the last few days, in the last five minutes I've been having problems with opening pages and them not loading. However if I refresh the page it will appear.
  7. Just another UK bod here, took a minute to load this page.
  8. How come you've got the mag-pul on that way?
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