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  1. Not the same...I started a thread on the subject a long time ago.
  2. When you strip your VFC SCAR, you'll see a faux dust cover opposite the actual dust cover. This is what engages the bolt catch. Bend it in a little, but not so much that it won't clear the gearbox. That cures the weak bolt catch.
  3. But you can't get them like THAT....
  4. I HATE those things, and am really surprised they've taken off to the degree that they have. To each his own, but it makes me weepy.
  5. Nice SAW variants...they have such a mean, raw, industrial look...very nice.
  6. Ebaybanned has them cheap...
  7. People have been saying this for years. Nobody seems to be paying any attention. CA? STAR? SRC? Anybody...
  8. Wow, thats a nice price...your machinist must have been ready to do the 1913 rail. I,personally, can't understand wanting to make the rail taller. The stock G36C rail is almost too tall...something about G36 ergos demand (from me) a really low sighting set up. I didn't like my Aimpoint in a low mount on the stock rail...too tall. I have no interest in the KSK rail...cool, but not comfortable at all (for me).
  9. Yeah, they're all the same entity in the end. Prometheus, Nineball, lots of others too.
  10. Deep pockets...and I think thats why it looks too tall...
  11. Very nice...is that a real 553?
  12. I like the one on the top, myself...I can't abide by a short SAW. Then again...I'd rather have an M60...
  13. I hacked my fuse out and never looked back...
  14. While I don't think the SCAR is the uber gun everyone makes it out to be...youd should have known about the stock, and the barrel is no harder to get a bucking on than any other gun. My front sight block isn't crooked, but its got some wobble. Where did you get your EGLM? I've been watching the classifieds, but I never see them.
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