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  1. Could I also ask another question please?

    Are those genuine sights you have on your Guarder slide or airsoft replicas? One of the selling points of the Guarder steel slide is that it accepts genuine Glock sights but I see this more of a disadvantage as there are large number of high quality airsoft replicas on the market for a fraction of the price of the RS versions.

    I'll get some pictures of my Glock collection posted soon.

  2. Wow! That's amazing! Thank you very much for the video, looks like I'll be making a purchase shortly¬†ūüėČ

    Is this the set you have;


    Also, if you have time could you please post a picture of the top of your TM/Guarder Glock 34? I'm really interested to see how your outer barrel has worn.

    Thank you again for all of your help.

  3. On 9/19/2020 at 5:07 PM, blobface said:


    TM x Guarder, steel slide gen 3 Glock34 with Volante BBU, and a hacky but functional 3D printed mounting solution for the SRO, 1.6mm below the top surface of the slide similar to the MOS range. Slide milled by @PureSilver

    Very nice set-up! Well done.

    I've been away from the airsoft world for a while now but had been working on a build using a steel Guarder G34 slide and this is the first I've heard of the Volante BBU.

    I've tried various recoil springs, BBUs, gas etc but I've never been able to get the pistol to function correctly due to the weight of the slide, does the Volante BBU solve this issue?

    I'd be extremely grateful for your input on this.

    Thank you,


  4. Thanks.

    Mine is the newer version too, I'm not sure if it will loosen up as the magazine is showing quite a bit of wear and it has gotten a bit better but I've got a bad feeling that it's so tight that it may depress the high flow valve installed in the magazine and dump all the gas (I've not had a chance to test it properly yet)

    I've actually got one of the original frames come to think of it, I'll need to try it out and see if the same problem occurs.

  5. I've not been on the forum for a long time and while my profile is still active I can only view the post and threads I made from 31st December 2009 onwards (I have posts going back to 2006)


    Is this a new feature or perhaps because I wasn't around at the time of the change I was required to do something that hasn't been done?


    Thank you.

  6. Just stumbled across this thread, maybe one of you guys can help me out?

    I just received a pair of Wellco jungle boots and while they fit fine on the toe they are mega tight across the bridge of my foot.

    I had a second hand pair years ago which were the same size but they fitted perfectly, I'm thinking now perhaps they were a wide fitting pair but I can't remember (these new ones are a regular)

    Anyway, is this normal and will they stretch out width wise? I've tried heating the front with a hairdryer and then walking around until they boot cooled but it's made little or no difference so far.

    Any help would be gratefully received.

  7. Yeah that's one of the pictures I was referring to Doughguy (sorry, I called you Doughboy in my initial post!)

    And there is the picture darkchild posted of his buddy in Afghan but that's all I could find.


    On a similar note I'm about to buy a DPM smock to use for hunting but I'm a bit unsure about the sizing, I realise they are made large but how large?


    My chest is around 41-42 inches and I was planning on buying a size 104 but should I go lower and consider a size 96?


    Any help would be appreciated.



  8. Looking through this thread I have found one picture posted by darkchild of a soldier in Afghan wearing woodland DPM trousers and a desert DPM top (there was also a loadout pictured posted by Doughboy) but are there any more kicking around?

    I've seen all those picture of the SAS guys wearing desert bottoms and woodland smocks but there seems to be very few the other way around?

    Could anyone post more pictures of this set-up if they have them and for those with real experience can you please tell me if this is as uncommon as it seems?

    Many thanks.

  9. Thanks for the praise, I'm glad you like it!


    To be honest I'm not aware of what kind of 1911 other people attempting CAG impressions choose. I did some research on different 1911's including Wilson Combat, Nighthawk and Kimber as well as private custom shops but when I saw gun in the inspirational photograph I fell for it. Seeing that Vickers is a most respected gunsmith as well as the fact that he has made several pistols for and even trained Delta operators in small arms technique after his retirement from the unit made it an obvious choice. Photographic evidence is pretty much nonexistent however, as it is pretty much impossible to tell in detail what kind of 1911 are used. Besides, it varies from operator to operator since the 1911 is bought through a grant the operator receives when antering the unit. So, it is nothing issued at all; it is very much OP.

    Oh yeah mate, no doubt.

    I was just curious in case I was missing something, as over the years several people have produced similarly styled pistols claiming that they are CAG/Delta inspired.

    I realise it was extremely wishful thinking to expect a detailed pictured, these aren't they kind of guys that stand around posing for pictures!

    As you stated I'm aware that these operators are reportedly given a 'stipend' in order to purchase their own pistols, with Kimber, Wilson and Vickers being popular choices (Larry Vickers being a particularly sought after gunsmith considering his background and gunsmithing skills)

    I asked in the very, very slight chance that there was some detailed info out there that I wasn't aware of but I suppose pretty much any well made 1911 from respectable gunsmiths are acceptable.

    Anywho, once again well done on your creation. There's no doubt that it's a unique piece and one you should be proud of.

    If you can, please post some more pictures.



    What are the markings on the SD chamber?

  10. Fantastic Larry Vickers mate, really well done on that!


    It puts the majority of the recent additions to this thread to shame.


    I'm slightly curious to know why most people when attempting a CAG/Delta 1911 opt for this style of 1911?


    Obviously I'm aware of the link between Larry Vickers and Delta but it seems many people going for the CAG look have similar pistols. I know many Delta operators use a 1911 but are there pictures out there that suggest they go for this style of 1911?


    And I like to see more pictures too!


  11. Oh yeah mate, I'm definitely into Glocks I was just referring to the silver slide along with the tan frame.

    It's still looks cool though.


    I'm with you on the XD, surely it's gotta be the next GBB pistol made...surely!

    It's such a famous handgun I'm surprised that it hasn't been done.


    That's an amazing frame on the XD by the way...

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