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  1. Bit shiny isn't it? Can I suggest you get some matt coat for finishing purposes, most good models stores will sell it and it will cut down on the glare.
  2. Looking good Ollie mate, a quick spray of oven cleaner wiped off after 30 seconds will get rid of the smudges mate,
  3. I'm more inclined to think the problem is you bought an SRC, any reason that you didn't plumb for a CA or G&P?
  4. Please sir, the nasty man said something horrible about my photo, can i snitch on him and make him get detention, TWAT!

  5. Would you mind hosting your images on a site that you haven't exceeded your bandwidth please.
  6. Andrew March


    Fedoras are cool, why not go for an Indiana Jones loadout and have a brown fedora, wider choice of weapons too, everything from 1914-1955
  7. Andrew March


    Hahaha, that explains everything, numptiesoft. Have you thought about getting a smaller hat
  8. Andrew March

    IMG 1767

    It's an airsoft forum and you're posting a picture of a dodgy prop replica from a debatably lame scifi film, this is Airsoft how? or are you just using Arnies photo gallery as a place to store your images online?
  9. That's it exactly Arnie, it just sits there open and annoying. i'm going to run a few tests.
  10. Arnie's is the only site I experience the issue and another site I visit uses the same forum software and almost identical layout and I have no problem there.
  11. Using Firefox 4 also, win vista 32bit. perhaps I am being stupid and just don't know how to close the damn thing. the only addons I run are noscript and adblock, both of which have full exceptions enabled for Arnies.
  12. This has been bugging me for some time. The drop down menu in the top right that allows access to my profile, my content, etc... will not close and stays open permanently when using firefox. Can someone have a look for me. Cheers
  13. Can someone have a lok into why the drop down menus (my profile, my content, private messages etc..) will not close when using forefox, they stay opened in a down state and obscure viewing of the boards. Can someone also have a look at the boards using Safari on an ipad, you cannot post replies and the page has an annoying RSS Feed bar running halfway across the page. Thanks
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