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  1. SamJacksonFan

    1911 Picture Thread

    Nice. It's funny most Hicapa users are eager to get rid of the square trigger guard. And you put it on your black Warrior with the rail extension
  2. SamJacksonFan

    1911 Picture Thread

    Regarding the Hurricane Kimber SIS on Page 106: The Original also has this kind of grayish and glossy finish … looks like some powdercoating. Hurricane maybe made it a bit too gray for my taste. But otherwise kit is nice. But a pain to make it work … at least on my model. Nice Springfield: The Hammer is nice, wasn't this the kind of hammer on the MEU Type No.1 (first model with high profile sights)? I would think over the beavertail. This Hicapa 4.3 doesn't fit a 1911 frame. feels like chopped off a piece and unbalanced. With a nice Springfield type beavertail would look pretty nice. You like the old style A1 mainspringhousing? I feel on a nodern sighted (Novak or other sights) 1911 the straight hammer spring housing fits the look better. And trigger is not my taste eighter. But the nice thing about all of that: Taste is not to discuss. It's just the way one personally likes things.
  3. SamJacksonFan

    1911 Picture Thread

    Colt grips on a Kimber are not sexy … but they work. Maybe have a look on VZ grips. I myself had a very pleasant outcome wiht my first order. They deliver for Nighthawk Custom and others. Maybe an option. Choosker, shure I guess you can handle the gun. No doubt. It though is not optimal to dissable a safety feature. But I guess you'll run fine with the rubber. But nice 1911 on the out of the holster look.
  4. SamJacksonFan

    1911 Picture Thread

    CKinnerley, beautiful Hurricane Covert-Set (or is there a native WA model?). Everything fitted well? I had lots of trouble with my Kimber SIS kit. But you should definitely upgrade the grips. Those plastic cheapy Colt-Grips are not suitable for a high grade custom Kimber. Choosker, wtf is this rubber thing for? Buy yourself some propper grips. Then you don't need those stupid frame condoms that disables the main savety feature of your 1911 (therefore the gun is always hot and likely to go off, if cocked and thumb savety not active). There are a lot of propper and even aggressive grip cuts that work well with normal and sweaty skin and with gloves. The G10 Gunner grips and the equivalents by VZ grips are extremly aggressive (good for gloves). But nice WA Wilson Combat there. Good to see those in action.
  5. SamJacksonFan

    SIG Picture Thread

    Damn it. How can you post such a beauty worth more than my car? Can't stop drooling on the P228. This could only be topped by Prime lowering the sales price for their P229 kit.
  6. SamJacksonFan

    1911 Picture Thread

    I'd love to, FireKnife. But that's very difficult over here to get any of those versions … another story. I've seen the MGC version. Very nice. The finish of the WA looks amazing. And performance will be solid. So not bad WA made this model decission. cool-breeze87, if I had the decission, I'd make Mauri speed up on the S&W M&P and Springfield XD rather then discovering the compact 1911 segment. Because WA and others offer short options. No one offers a good GBB M&P model (without CO2 of course) and a XD.
  7. SamJacksonFan

    1911 Picture Thread

    I guess cool-breeze87 meant a full metal kit. This S&W was available by Western Arms as stock ABS version. And I guess I saw a reissue of this model on the WA site some time ago. Son of a holy cow: searching for the S&W pic I saw, WA released the absolutely cool 1911, Al Pacino carried in the movie HEAT. Damn it, I need to have this gun … If I remember right, someone posted pictures of his built version of this gun here at Arnies. But I can't remember who it was. Beautiful model. I'd love to see more pictures of compact 1911s. I like them.
  8. SamJacksonFan

    1911 Picture Thread

    Yes. You are only allowed dummys. Without giving light … better be lucky that you dont' have to deal with such ######. Yes, slidelock lever comes with the light and is extra long to fix the light on both sides to the frame. Fit without modification, but the slide doesn't lock yet on my model, but you can push it into place. I guess it will wear off with time and then work nicely. Anyway this is more a show-off and display setting, as holsters for R310 are hard to find these days. So not really practical lights for gaming. The new Surefire and M3/6 lights are a better pick for players. But I like the look of the old Surefire, that's why I got one.
  9. SamJacksonFan

    1911 Picture Thread

    My latest addition … TM MEU stock, plenty scratched, custom Kimber Trigger, original VZ grips and VFC Surefire R310 clone (dissabled according to German law … what a pitty but worth the looks … a long dream comming true):
  10. SamJacksonFan

    My GBB collection

    These is a selection of GBBs I own or have owned.
  11. SamJacksonFan

    Safariland Chart STI

    This picture was specially for a thread disussion and never intended to show up in the main gallery. So picturewise pointless of course …
  12. SamJacksonFan

    Glock Picture Thread

    Simple solution to that. Look here: Marui G17 with Guarder G17C-Slide in a G20/21 Serpa … For some reason Marui Glocks out of box are more fat than originals and therefore don't fit real steel kydex holsters (I have two G-Codes … what a pitty). Guarder and some other metal slides keep the dimensions, PGC slides and few more slim a Marui Glock down to fit those holsters. I myself just picked a bigger holster which is available for Glocks. KWA Glocks are small enough to fit most real steel holsters. As this is a picture thread, here my second one … a KWA G19 with PGC slide in a G-Code
  13. SamJacksonFan

    Threat stuff

    pictures I post in threads and discussions
  14. SamJacksonFan

    1911 Picture Thread

    Nice Vickers Tactical kit. Grips are a bit faint. The stainless bushing is a nice detail.
  15. SamJacksonFan

    1911 Picture Thread

    The Nightwarrior is a nice 1911 model. what a pitty Marui made shortcuts with this stupid screw-on rail and put this strange marking on the slide. Kinda ugly. Sights and stainless bushing are nice details on this gun. And the kick of this GBB must be quite strong what I see from clips. The workover of the grips looks interesting.

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