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  1. r.ocelot

    TM FN Five-seveN GBB

    How's the trigger pull compared to the 1911/HiCapa? Also, from what you can tell, which parts have the most wear on them so far?
  2. r.ocelot

    Glock Picture Thread

    That's a Mini-7, right? Been after one for a while now. Nice Glock as well How's the kick right now?
  3. r.ocelot

    Chairsoft Custom Works open for business?

    If I may make a suggestion for the IPSC gun, ask your client what brand are his grip safety, thumb safety, and slide lock, then use the same on the airsoft one.
  4. r.ocelot

    Detonics Finished; New Review Finished

    Aren't those HOAGs 6 inchers? I'd like to prime kit those 7 inch hardballers too.
  5. r.ocelot

    Detonics Finished; New Review Finished

    It would be nice if you added more info about how hard the gun kicks in your reviews, after all, that's what seperates GBBs from NBBs. Something along the lines of "harder than a TM 1911 and lighter than a WA 1911" would be good. I want to build a pair of hardballers, for some reason.
  6. r.ocelot

    Another Client project finished.

    The trigger looks off....Is that Rom's 10mm? Birchm sent a partial payment today, want me to send it over to you now?
  7. r.ocelot

    Ah well, moving on.

    Saw them both on Yahoo! Auctions Japan, so I figured that you might know where to get 'em HK/state side. Still my favorite little gun.
  8. r.ocelot

    Ah well, moving on.

    Hey Ben, Sorry about the lack of a payment, still waiting on Birchm (though he's shipping a TSW with 3 mags first). Hopefully $ will be with you next week. Any idea on where I can get a prime metal body and barrel for the TSW?
  9. r.ocelot

    I build Glocks too...

    Sadly...not yet. He's still $100 short, and I have no other bites on the V12.
  10. r.ocelot

    I build Glocks too...

    ...I really hate you now. Gonna need me a .50 AE, Blackhawk, AND a Vz. How does it perform?
  11. r.ocelot

    I build Glocks too...

    Yeah, I'm just waiting on Birchm to send the V12 payment. Will most likely ask you do build your old .50 AE and a Blackhawk, I'm a sucker for hard kicking stuff and single action revolvers.
  12. r.ocelot

    I build Glocks too...

    As soon as I get you the money, fix up and sell off the SVI, I'm gonna get you to build the .50AE in black.
  13. r.ocelot

    Afternoon quickie.

    Heh, double that and you have a class 2 weapon right there.
  14. r.ocelot

    Sorry state of GBB affairs

    ....I'm not supposed to get another gun till the TM 5-7 is out....PM me your asking price on the SVI please!
  15. r.ocelot

    Not at all airsoft related.

    Congrats! You should start building a gun for her now

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