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  1. Considering this is an aftermarket kit, I think it's better to have oversized/tight fittings than to have loose ones. What grit did you sand the rails down to? I usually have mine mirror polished when I'm done fitting.
  2. Strider GG: Michael Vagnino TADgear 10th Anniversary folder:
  3. Seamus Uber Impervious: Stellite 6K blade, all titanium frame and handle, ceramic bearings for pivot and detent, tritium in the backspacer, and .45cal thumb disk.
  4. It's just old school. Just as awesome as any of the current gen ones.
  5. have you tried supporting the suppressor up with your offhand? probably be a little awkward, but hey, it might get you some more glow in the dark fun
  6. Emerson CQC-6 and a Timberline SPECWAR, original USA version.
  7. Lots of people did. I just happened to get mine earlier than most even though Apple's website said it'll deliver on the 2nd of July when I was ordering.
  8. Tritium in the backspacer: Tweezers in scale, skull in backspacer: .45 thumbdisk and 9mm pivot cover (I made this) cross clip clip royal bronze skull bead with .45 lanyard Warren Thomas TADgear Ring Fighter prototype; Ti/G-10 laminate with carbide edge.
  9. Ordered it around 1 am on the 16th, somehow made it into the "delivers on June 24th" group, and SOMEHOW got it morning of the 23rd instead.
  10. Custom handmade pen costing as much as a plastic BB gun made in a factory with shoddy material? GASP!
  11. You can get one from here: http://www.knifeart.com/nakayama.html I have one for sale as well, though it's been used a few times.
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