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  1. yup its used for zeroing (the theory being each persons eye sees a certan point on the graph thingy and you just rezero onto that) no idea what its called
  2. at 0.59 in that vid does the dude have an mre ras on his m4 ? or is that just my eyes
  3. ahh thought id seen you there,i was 1-3
  4. its pretty good mate,i havent had any wobbel issues with it and it holds a big batt,any other questions just shoot me a pm
  5. no,i mean just unscrew the cloth you have on there and replace it with the real deal one,dont even have to touch the internals,iv seen it done somewhere god only knows where lol but im sure it can be done
  6. spray it,or buy one of the dpm ones that pop up on ebay and replace your cloth,with that
  7. hes a member on LF and has stated hes not delta
  8. yea that second pic was the one i ment
  9. might mean the one with the dude covering two 101st lads laddering over a wall
  10. just the lighting i think,we were in the shade of the building im not sure my pack is true CB i think its a bit darker
  11. dremel and super glue is how i did mine just cut it flat to the upper,sand off and rough edges left,then glue your rail/g36 rail in place
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