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  1. Haven't airsofted in about 2+ years though. :-(
  2. I just got the foregrip today, looking to get a red-dot soon.
  3. If I wanted a "Beryl" should I be looking at AK-74's, or is there an actual Beryl modification or extra parts that you all have bought? Or should I stick with my current M4? And where could I buy this equipment? I saw the Miwo-Military site, and it's great, has alot of stuff, and I can read enough to see how many magazines of what it can carry. But I can't seem to find anywhere to order on that site, and it is missing some other items.
  4. Disposable camera's are horrible. - MARPAT BDU set - Tan MICH Helmet - Tan ESS Striker Goggles - Tan Underamor Tactical Hood - Tan MOLLE Plate Carrier - 4 Tan Double M4 Mag Pouches - Tan Hydration Carrier w/ System - Tan ALICE Buttpack - Tan Dump pouch
  5. You guys... are awesome!
  6. (This hasn't been done before AFAIK) (I made this post because I'm trying to debate between the new ACU's and 3 Color, so pictures of the newest ACU in an enviroment is a definite +1) Post away!
  7. Black Dog: For the love of God, please post your kit info!
  8. A pic of a game a week or two ago. We played in the rain for 6+ hours, and being Texas, it was an experience I won't forget anytime soon. Also the day I forgot to fully camo my face, but the colors are starting not to work, since everythings more dead than usual.
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