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  1. Here´s my most recent pics from last sunday( Thanks to photographer Miika Noponen).
  2. Me at Lohja Monttu: Thanks to photographer Eetu Sokko.
  3. To hell with the AUG man! Thaars a woman amongsts usss mateyyss. Yaargh! That is soo rare... Cheers -Hessu-
  4. Are you really fielding/ fielded that beast? I´ve read, that the small CCTV screen is schait and it distorts your field of vision and will be even more worse, than without NVG at night time??? Should have saved your money, and bought a second hand gen1 or something... You can ofcourse use whatever devices you choose, but this device is utter krap in my book. Or this is just a troll message? I am betting my money on it. Cheers -Hessu-
  5. Hey portugese dude. Are these pics just posing and strutting? Or, was there any real gaming? Cant figure if any of these persons photographed, are opponents, or team mates. Cheers
  6. Heres few pics from my first 2011 game. Me taking out one opponent from the yard in front of the house: Right side opening again with another red team member peppering the left hillside Thanks to photographer Eetu. Co2 mags worked like a charm with my WE M4. Temp was something like 8 degrees over zero celcius degrees. One mag, one capsule. Cheers -Hessu aka Puuma-
  7. Woof! Who let the dogs out, woof woof! That thingy is not game sexy dude. Get the mesh one. Seriously. That one belongs to a Marquis ball, where peeps go out in latex and stuff. Cheers
  8. Shouldn´t that mesh mask also cover users nose?
  9. ^ Liking the last pic mate. Nice loadout too. My kind of style. Cheers -Hessu-
  10. Awwww, Cute nightlight at the background. Heheee! Cheers -Hessu-
  11. Eizen, Where in Finland is this gaming site? Cheers -Hessu-
  12. Huh! Indoor match was a bit scary to watch. You guys had a real deal close quarters battle instructor there? Was the filmed action before or after he instructed you? He did not give any tips to use smaller versatile small arms? Some of the players wielded long AK´s and other very long rifles. Full auto!!?? luckily some of you had full face masks. That kind of full auto gaming would not have happened at any of the finnish CQB sites here. engaging distance is waaayy too short for full auto. Semi is the only way. Well, rules are different in other countries. Nice set anyways, but th
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