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  • Birthday 02/26/1988

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    March 2006
  • Toy collection
    TM P90 TR:
    -HurricanE performance kit.
    -Madbull "Black Python" 6.03 tightbore.
    -Guarder highspeed motor
    -PDI 130% spring

    TM M14 DM rifle:
    -Semi-auto only
    -Guarder standard ratio gears
    -Guarder Infinate torque motor
    -PDI xxx% spring
    -Guarder cylinder kit and bearing spring guide.
    -Firefly hard bucking
    -KM 530mm 6.04 Tightbore

    TM Desert Eagle

    KJW M9 Elite ('07 model)

    WE 1911 Tactical.
    -Nineball Hop packing
    -6.03 barrel
    -Dyna Piston head
    -Guarder 150% recoil/hammer springs.

    WE 1911 A1
    -Nineball Hop packing
    -Guarder 150% recoil/hammer springs

    WE Wislon CQB
    Guarder 150% hammer/recoil springs
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    I see you, you can't see me.
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    United States

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    Southeast Michigan
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    I am into computeres, gaming and a whole lot of airsoft. When I'm not at work, school or doing homework, I'm out at an airsoft field or event.
  1. Wild Gunman

    What music are you currently listening to?

    Disturbed's "Indestructable" album. Pure awsome-ness.
  2. Wild Gunman

    What's your backup?

    My choice backup weapon for those "Ohh S**t" situations, is the CAW ak grenade launcher, carried as a big pistol . I have used it as such and confirmed quite a few kills with it. Good fun. 120 rounds all at once definately intimidates people when they expect a sniper to be running, but instead he's waiting around the corner with a lot of firepower in one little package.

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