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  1. If that doesn't answer your question, you are beyond help. Also: The fact that you obviously want to turn this into an passionate, public and heartfelt 'oh those bad boys on irc' thread doesn't bode well for your return. You were banned on irc for being a tool, as I remember. I'm sure if you come back and behave respectably you won't be banned
  2. AH I see, if the UK etc sales forums are having the same kind of treatment (i.e- more categories) then I'm a happy bunny
  3. Word. It;s a great system, but it doesn't do it for me. Kinda prefer the simplicity of the normal classifieds sections. Just a few more categories there would be nice.
  4. i agree with that. Definately need a Bulk category
  5. Here's the score- With ASCUK closing, there is a rather gigantic void left in the 2nd hand sales airsoft market, one that I'm sure Arnies could fill. However, upon talking to many airsofters at my site, it would appear the for sales section of this website is unappealing due to the lack of specific categories, which existed on ASCUK. My proposition is simple- Add categories to the For Sales section. It will provide a MASSIVE service to the airsoft community as a whole.
  6. SOrry I'm confused also The one on the left is an M84 no?
  7. Early Ak74Ms had the ICS 2000. It sometimes resulted in the gearbox locking up as the motor didn't have enough torque, annoyingly.
  8. Basically, it was probably a joke and Ubar forgot to unban you I'll tell him to do it if you give me your username? I wouldn't take anything said on IRC as the truth; there are too many injokes and outjokes all dripping with scathing sarcasm. Just laugh and come back with something better Screamin', usually it's not everyone elses job to initiate a conversation with you, you have to make the first, tentative step. As you said tho, fair does, if you don't like the atmosphere then you don't have to come on. Having said that, I feel we have a good atmosphere on IRC
  9. rizzo

    ICS AK74M

    Just got mine today, very impressed. ROF is fast, and range is the same as any stock ICS AEG. Haven't got a chrono, but I'll be near one tomorrow
  10. non fluted cylinder is lovely
  11. Due to the design of the barrel and slide on the beretta, the silencer, if it is particularly weighty, can put extra strain on the barrel.
  12. Either it's photoshopped or he used a high speed camera. I don't think it's pfc for the reason that most pfc m9's that i know of do not have the 'ejected casing' cartridge as seen on the pic, but the fake bullet cartridge. Also the casing looks a little too big for a 9mm
  13. Well as the oxygen tarnishes the bare magnesium it'll begin to be less shiny. I'd say (looking at the other thread) you could do with another bit of sanding, but that wood is looking a lot better
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