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  1. I painted my FN FAL using this little *fruitcage*ers: This was the base layer: And this is the final result:
  2. What's that thing over your left sleeve, and why? And what's the black thing on the back of your pistol belt, just above your *albatross*?
  3. Got this one when I entered the police force. It's the little angel protecting my back (armed with 7.62mm)
  4. I see the letters FAL and raise you my AK on a bed of Rhodesian camouflage (I just wish I had the FAL to go with it!)
  5. We actually did exactly the same thing during our OP:D-DAY in Normandy, but blindfolded and at night in a terrain that nobody knew. Was bloody fun!
  6. My workhorse. Shame the thumb safety broke off...
  7. Full metal WA M1911A1: And full metal WA Kimber:
  8. Yes it has. I don't have a 9v battery at home, I just have to pull the trigger for 10 seconds before it fills the whole feedtube with bbs before it begins feeding into the hopup. I might have received a lemon though. Stock broke off during transport (that's two of us!) and very bad feeding in single shot mode (no problem in full auto though)
  9. I'm looking for a silver Kimber kit for WA (not warrior). Where could I possibly score such a thing? Boomsarms has a silver V12 kit, but no kimber kit.
  10. That's maybe because the real one isn't exactly designed to be shot from the shouldered position? /edit: lol too slow. And it's funny to hear a 14y/o say that it's for men. No offense intended though, just funny
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