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  1. Anyone know where I can get a replacement c clamp for the hop up unit? Some how mine fell off my gun during my last practice.
  2. I most definitely don't want to lose the magic tm pixie dust! I also just don't have the patience to crack open the gearbox and mess with it. There is a high probability I'd just make it worse. For what it's worth, I reseated the Prometheus bridge nub and I did the teflon tape mod on the bucking and I think that gave me about ten to fifteen more feet. I see a lot less drop in my shots. I'll have to wait until I get out to my local field to get an accurate test though.
  3. Any ideas how to get some more range out the 416? I feel like 150ft is the limit of my guns effective range. That's with adding a madbull 363mm 6.03 barrel and a Prometheus bridge nub and bucking combo. I'm not too keen on getting into the gear box but I may change my mind. Any thoughts?
  4. So after putting the stock barrel back in, I'm pretty sure that the space is a tad too small for the nub to make good contact with the bb. Thankfully the range and accuracy with the stock barrel is no slouch. I think I'll try filing it down, or just get a new barrel.
  5. Thanks, I'll give that a shot. Are there brands you recommend specifically for a TM hop up?
  6. So I did a barrel swap with a Madbull 6.03 363mm and just left the tm hop up nub and rubber. Did some test shooting and the hop up has significantly less effect. I double checked before I reassembled and I could see the nub pressing down on the rubber through the barrel. Is there something I'm missing? Are Madbull barrels incompatiable with tm ebb hop up units?
  7. Anyone know where one could find the firefly rubber and nub in stock?
  8. Trained with it for the first time today and all I can say is "wow". Probably the finest gun I've ever owned. Definately a notch up in quality from the VFC 416. And the VFC definitely did not put the same smile on my face. Expensive, but well worth it. @GingaNinga You already sold yours? I guess it was more of a fling than an affair? ;-)
  9. I don't have a .25s right now so I'll run .28s for my next skirmish. I'm thinking about upgrading the barrel to a 363 6.03 and trying out the firefly nub/hop up rubber.
  10. If you are referring to my post, it's just the standard TM 416 stock.
  11. What bb weight do you guys recommend for it? Does any run .28s? I used .28s with my G&P Sentry but I'm just wondering what is ideal for a TM.
  12. Just got my TM 416. Absolutely love it.
  13. Everything worked out fine. They even got the trades through with just electrical tape.
  14. So I've got an EMS question that maybe a couple of you can help me with. Echigoya sent my 416D in two parts, lower receiver and upper receiver. The lower receiver is a my local post office today and it will be in my hands this morning. However, I've been tracking the upper and the EMS tracking system says it has been delivered (final delivery) in San Francisco with an area code 94128. A quick google search of that area code brings up the San Francisco airport. I contacted Echigoya and they said it's just a problem with EMS's tracking system and they double checked that they put the right
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